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2L Stainless Steel Growler System | First Fill Free!

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Seems like there will be a lot of day drinking and Netflix in the weeks ahead... But why not do it properly? Getting up and going to the fridge is for suckers!

Purchase this cracking little growler with tap system (that will keep your chosen beverage cold, frothy and on tap by your side all day) and we'll fill it for free!

Actually, because of this virus business, you fill it with whatever you want and send us a pic of you doing it and we'll send you a $30 cash back. If you are dressed in your best Mad Max gear we will make it $50!

Some suggestions for your free beverage:

  • Growler fill from your local brewery who will be doing it tough
  • Take away from your local bar who will be in the same boat
  • 6 pack of beer from your local IGA or bottle shop
  • 375ml bottle of spirits and mixer (vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, whiskey..)
  • Kombucha from your local market



Snap a pic of the growler being filled either at a bar, brewery or you filling it yourself for a $30 cash back. If you are dressed for the occasion in your apocalypse wear we'll make it a $50 cash back. Just send that beauty through to jo@ikegger.com and we will send the cash back to your card within 48 hours.

You can also use this system to carbonate your own water, sodas etc if you can't get to the shops!

This package includes:

  • 2L Growler - $79 (Double wall insulated, stays cold up to 8hrs)
  • Growler Tap Adapter - $24
  • Double Ball Lock Spear- $59
  • Professional Mini Regulator- $59 (uses 16g CO2 bulbs to dispense your drink, also maintains carbonation and freshness till the last drop)
  • M8 Swivel Adapter- $5.95
  • Gas Disconnect- $4.95
  • Liquid Disconnect- $4.95
  • Tap Shank Adapter- $14
  • Chrome Plated Intertap - $19
  • 10x 16g Gas Canister- $25 (enough to dispense 20 growlers or 40-50L)
  • Your Free Beverage - $30 ($50 if you dress up!)
  • Total Individual Cost - $324.85
  • Save $89.85 plus free shipping anywhere in Australia!


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