iKegger 2.0 | Mini Keg System | Push Button Tap | Any Drink

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This is the latest innovation in mini keg systems!

  • Beer or coffee, cocktails or kombucha. Any drink, kept fresh to the last drop (and cold all day with insulated kegs).
  • Store & serve an IPA or an espresso martini perfectly with the push of a button.
  • Excusive to 2.0: Stay upright or get sideways. This kit can pour lying down from your fridge too. Game-changer!
The Tap 2.0 - Learn More
  • One touch perfect pouring:Anyone can master using our intuitive tap system in minutes. Press harder to fill that pint quickly with a perfect head, softer to cascade a cocktail into your martini glass.
  • Get sideways fast:With a quick twist of the spout, iKegger 2.0 can pour just as easily with the keg lying down in your fridge as upright on the bench!
  • Beer as it should be:You can get the keg filled at hundreds of local breweries, transfer it from commercial kegs, forget bottling your homebrew, or pour in cans and then experience pub like pouring anywhere.
  • Unlimited drink options: our exclusive tap design means anything is possible: espresso martini at a touch for your dinner party, nitro coffee waiting in the fridge on busy mornings, cider, G&T, margaritas, make your own sodas... whatever your drink of choice is, have it on tap!
The Regulator 2.0 - Learn More
  • Maintain the freshness:No flat and lifeless drinks here! Keep the perfect level of carbonation or nitrogen infusion till the last drop in your keg thanks to our incredibly versatile multi-gas mini regulator.
  • Get gassed:Far from being limited by it's tiny size, our multi-gas regulator can do everything it's big brothers can do and more. Out of the box you can use disposable bulbs of carbon dioxide, nitrogen or nitrous oxide in threaded or unthreaded varities. The threaded inlet also allows you to use adapters to suit SodaStream, 2.2L disposable and large refillable (type 30) gas bottles for more wallet and environmentally friendly options.
The Mini Kegs - Learn More
  • Kegs sized to suit:The 2.0 tap can be used on any of the iKegger mini kegs so you can mix and match to suit the occaision.
  • Cold all day: Our premium black kegs (in 2L, 4L and 5L sizes) are made with a double stainless steel wall containing a vacuum. This is incredibly effective insulation and will keep your drinkscold all day, even on a scorching summer beach day. Alternatively fill it with mulled wine and take it to the snow for a winter warmer!
  • Space saving: Our silver kegs (in 2L, 4L, 5L and 10L) are made with a single stainless steel wall, they are more succeptible to external temperatures however they can be chilled quickly and hold more of your drink in the same amount of space (the 4L black keg and the 5L silver keg are the same size). With nearly half the raw steel and simpler construction they are more budget friendly too.

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Warranty & Returns

Returns & Warranty

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  • Warranty: Up to 5 Years

We do our best to pack quickly and accurately and we sell gear that's virtually unbreakable. However there is always going to be some exceptions. How we deal with those is where iKegger shines!

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Our smallest keg is the 2L stainless keg.

Double the height of the 2L but the same diameter is the the 4L stainless mini kegs.

Our most popular version of the single wall kegs is the 5L stainless steel mini keg. This 5L single wall keg is the perfect size for eskies and chills fast when needed.

Our largest mini keg is the 10L single wall stainless keg. All the single wall kegs are silver in colour. They are smaller for the same volume than the double wall black kegs.

The most popular insulated mini keg for cocktails and coffee is the 2L version.

The 4L black double walled keg is the maximum size that some breweries will fill from the tap as a mini beer keg.

The most popular keg style overall is our stainless steel 5l insulated mini keg. It's the largest double wall keg we have and will stay cold for up to 12 hours!

Absolutely not!

We've spent years creating mini kegs for carbonated drinks like craft draft beer, home brew, cider and soda using CO2 charger bulbs.

However, for the last few years a large part of our business has come from coffee and cocktail businesses looking for a way to get nitro drinks out to their customers.

We've develped an insulated mini keg for swap and go systems that coffee roasters use to supply cold brew in to their cafes, swapping the empty kegs for full ones each day.

We've also sold nitro kegs to Sesion tequila to launch their coffee tequila product with (espresso martini kegs were put into hundreds of venues around the USA by us as a collaboration project).

Now we've combined that into this kit and simplified it dramatically so anyone can have any drink, on tap anywhere.

The iKegger 2.0 tap system does away with the need for many additional parts. No ball lock connection is needed for the tap as the tap is built into the spear. This gets rid of a lot of potential sites of leaks between ball loock posts, ball lock disconnects, adapters from disconnects to tap and then all the internal joins and seals of the tap too. We have created something that has a lot less that can wrong with it and will last for decades if treated correctly. We combined all the things we have done as incremental updates in the iKegger 1.0 system (like nitro injection and pouring lying down) with a push button tap for the ultimate keg dispensing device.