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Kegerator Kit | Easiest In Australia | BYO Fridge Or Cooler

25 reviews
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Build Your Kegerator In 3 Steps Below

All hoses, connections, adapters etc are included in Step 1 of this package. You will get 100mm shanks to go through your fridge or esky and everything else you need included. Adding kegs and gas source is optional and on top of the basic kegerator setup.

  • Kegerator Step 1: Taps and Regulator
  • Kegerator Step 2: Kegs or 50L Couplers
  • Kegerator Step 3: Source Of Gas

Building Your Kegerator - Step 1: Choose How Many Taps and The Regulator (Top of The Page)

Use the drop-down menus at the top of the page to select how many taps you are going to install in your new Kegerator.

The Taps come in 2 types:

  1. The Chrome & Brass Brumby: These are a solid budget option however they need regular cleaning as the design of them (rear sealing) means that they dry out inside and can stick shut or grow bacteria.
  2. The Stainless Flow Control: These are top quality taps that require less cleaning (forward sealing) with less chance of mould or bacteria, no chance of sticking shut and the excellent advantage of being able to control the flow of liquid at the tap so you always get the perfect pour. We definitely recommend these taps however they are considerably more expensive.

The Regulators come in 2 types:

  1. The Mini Portable: A high grade mini regulator which shows internal keg pressure on a gauge. These are great regulators, compact and easy to transport or fit inside an esky or small fridge. It comes with an adapter to use SodaStream gas bottles or 16g disposable bulbs.
  2. The Full Size Dual Gauge: A high quality large regulator that shows the pressure in both the keg and the gas bottle (so you can see how much is remaining). It also includes an adapter for 400g SodaStream gas bottles and can also use 2.6kg or 6kg CO2 bottles (can not use 16g bulbs)

Building Your Kegerator - Step 2: Add Your Kegs Or 50L Keg Couplers

If you don't already have your kegs you can add them to your cart here. You can use any combination of kegs that fit in your fridge. The connections are all the same and interchangeable at any time. If you are wanting to use this system with a 50L commercial keg you will need to add the relevant coupler to the package - see under the kegs for more information on that.

24cm tall x 66cm high. A plastic 20L keg with floating dip tube which allows it to be used while lying down.

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18cm diameter x 60cm high with connections attached. Perfect for bar fridges.

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22cm diameter and 66cm high with connections attached. Great for full size fridges

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18cm diameter x 39cm high with connections attached. Perfect for camp fridges and cooler boxes

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Using This Kegerator Kit With Commercial 50L Kegs

Unlike the kegs above, which all have the same connections for liquid and gas, commercial kegs come in a variety of connections depending on the brewery.

You will need to choose the coupler that you need for the beer you will be drinking in your new kegerator and add it to the package instead of a keg.

We suggest getting the options with the ball lock posts as this is the easiest way to connect and disconnect the kegerator system from the keg.

You can add multiple types of couplers if you will have multiple kegs at once or if you plan on switching between beers.


A Type Coupler: Tooheys, Coopers, XXXX, and most Craft Breweries kegs

D Type Coupler: Carlton Draught, CUB, Fosters & VB Kegs

S Type Coupler: Asahi, Heineken, Hofbrau Kegs


Barbed: Suits 6mm internal silicon line with clamps

Duotight Push Fitting: Suits 8mm external hose (either 5mm or 4mm internal)

Ball Lock: Allows connecting standard homebrew keg connections to a commercial keg.

Building Your Kegerator - Step 3: Add A Gas Source If Needed

Even if you are using commercially purchased carbonated beverages you still need a source of CO2 to push the liquid out of the kegs and through the taps. The larger the gas source the cheaper the gas is but the heavier and less portable. Both regulators come with a sodastream adapter so you can use that option. The mini regulator can also use the 16g bulbs and the dual gauge regulator can also use the 2.6kg bottle. You can source these locally to reduce your shipping cost as they are heavy.

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What You Need To Get Separately:

  • 1 x Fridge, 12v Camp Fridge, Chest Freezer or Cooler Box
    • 66cm Internal Height for 19L and 20L Kegs (22-24cm diameter)
    • 60cm Internal Height for 10L Kegs (18cm diameter)
    • 40cm Internal Height For 5L Kegs (18cm diameter)

What You Need To Do To Assemble:

  • Drill a hole through the fridge door / cooler wall for each tap.
  • Install tap shanks through the holes and connect liquid line to back.
  • Attach taps to the front of the cooler or fridge
  • Screw gas bottle into the regulator.
  • Attach gas lines and beer lines to filled kegs.
  • Pour your favourite drink on tap!

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Australia Australia
BYO cooler kit

All set ready to go friends are jealous

Tony H.
Australia Australia
Kegerator Kit

Wow!! The kegerator kit is far better than I expected! It arrived in a couple of days securely packed and complete all ready to install which was so easy. We can now have the option of 3 taps and a growler of different beers and there is no cleaning up! The best way to enjoy beer at home in your fav glass straight from an ice cold tap! (Just need a 10 l Mandingo keg now to fill that hole in the fridge!!) Brewers, do yourself a favour, step up to a kegerator kit from Dave and the team at Ikegger, you wont look back. Cheers guys

iKegger Kegerator Kit | Easiest In Australia | BYO Fridge Or Cooler ReviewiKegger Kegerator Kit | Easiest In Australia | BYO Fridge Or Cooler Review
Australia Australia
hated by some loved by all

love it so much that it envys some people but most are very impressed, how i could turn my thoughts into reality saving on beer buying by making it myself and pouring my own when ever i please hands down the best investment

iKegger Kegerator Kit | Easiest In Australia | BYO Fridge Or Cooler Review
Matt M.
Australia Australia
Quick and easy

Received everything I ordered very fast. It’s all working well. Just enjoying my man cave now.

Chris H.
Best customer service, best product

just bought the single tap set up. I am regular at my local brewey and always asking questions so very interested in making this a reality but found the technical side a bit overwhelming. Oner explained everything I needed via chat. Didn't oversell any products or try to get me to buy anything I didn't need and even though it would have been "easier" to buy through my brewery I bought through ikegger and have the fully working set up thanks to them. Can't stress how good customer service was and highly recommend them. Gear is excellent quality too. Very impressive.


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