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Kegerator Kit | Easiest In Australia | BYO Fridge Or Cooler

Kegerator Kit | Easiest In Australia | BYO Fridge Or Cooler

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Build Your Kegerator In Less Than 1 Hour!

Build your own kegerator, jockey box or keezer and pour draft beer within the hour with this simple-to-install package. Have a single tap on an esky, double taps on your 12v fridge, or get 2 x 2 tap packages for 4 taps on your fridge with 2 different regulators as different drinks need different pressures (soda and kombucha on one regulator and beer and cider on the other for instance)

  • All hoses, connections, adapters, etc you need to build your system are included in this package. All you need to do is drill 1 or 2 holes to suit your choice of setup.
  • Adding kegs and a gas source is optional and an explanation can be found below if you want to use 50L commercial kegs as well.

Choose Your Kegerator Presentation Style:

Both these options include top-quality taps that require less cleaning (forward sealing) with less chance of mould or bacteria, no chance of sticking shut, and the excellent advantage of being able to control the flow of liquid at the tap so you always get the perfect pour. We definitely recommend these taps over non-flow control options, especially in a jockey box where having long hoses between the keg and the tap to slow the flow before it reaches the tap is quite annoying.

    1. Through A Door Or Wall: This option is for when you want taps on the front of your fridge, through a collar on a chest freezer, the side of an esky, or from a coolroom through the wall to a bar. You simply drill a 23mm hole, push the shank through it, and connect your tap to the front and the liquid line to the back.
    2. Bar Top Tower: This is the classic option you see in a pub with the taps on a font (another name for tap tower). With this option, you just need an 8mm hole through your bench for each beer line. Alternatively, drill a larger hole and connect the fridge to the font via an insulated tube (like a pool noodle) to keep your lines chilled all the way to the tap.

Includes The Multi-Gas Mini Regulator 2.0: This compact little regulator can do it all. Use CO2 or Nitrogen bulbs, SodaStream gas bottles, or add extra adapters for using 2.2L disposable gas bottles or Type 30 refillable gas bottles. 

Add Kegs or Couplers:

The kegs you use is 100% up to you and depend on how much space you have and how you will fill them. The 5L kegs are great for jockey boxes, 10L for bar fridges and 19L or commercial-style kegs require larger fridges. The connections included with this package connect directly to the 5L, 10L, or 19L kegs. If you are getting commercial-style kegs (often in 20L, 30L or 50L sizes) you will need to check which coupler style you need (either A, D, or S) and get it with ball lock posts (so it has the same connections as the other keg styles). 

  • A Type Coupler: Tooheys, Coopers, XXXX, and most microbrewery kegs
  • D Type Coupler: Carlton Draught, CUB, Fosters & VB Kegs
  • S Type Coupler: Asahi, Heineken, Hofbrau Kegs

Note: Fitting 50L Kegs in Kegerators

Some 50L kegs are taller than others, for these taller ones you will need a Low Profile Angle on the liquid line so that it sticks out to the side instead of upright.

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    Useful Information

    Filling Mini Kegs

    • At your local brewery, bar or bottle shop that does growler fills (they are everywhere now, just google "breweries near me" or ask your local).
    • With any spirits and mixers you like. Rum & Coke, G&T, Mojito etc.
    • Ask local coffee roasters or cafes for cold brew coffee refills.
    • Make up batch cocktails before parties or always have one ready for an evening aperitif in the fridge.
    • Use Mr Consistent or other similar products for pre-made cocktail mixers.
    • Any drink from cans or bottles (leave the rubbish behind, take up less space in fridge or esky & get a pub draft quality pour)
    • With your homebrew (so much easier than bottling, show off your brew in style!)
    • You may want to add the Auto-Stop Keg Filler if filling at breweries or with homebrew.

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    Handling Times

    • We strive to pack and dispatch all orders from our Wollongong NSW warehouse within 24 hours. While unforeseen events like illness or extreme weather can occasionally cause delays, we're dedicated to ensuring the fastest turnaround possible.
    • Please note that Auspost doesn't collect orders from us on weekends. If you place an order after midday on Friday, it will be dispatched on Monday.

    Keg Sizes and Dimensions

    iKegger Mini Keg Dimensions

    Below is a table that details the dimensions and volume that each of our mini kegs and growlers can hold. The table shows the height of each keg with the included screw cap only. You may need to scroll right on mobile devices >>>

    Keg Options Diameter Height
    2L Silver Standard Keg 13.5cm 20cm
    2L Black Insulated Keg 13.5cm 26cm
    4L Black Insulated Keg 17.5cm 29cm
    5L Silver Standard Keg 17.5cm 29cm
    5L Black Insulated Keg 17.5cm 36cm
    10L Silver Standard Keg 17.5cm 50cm

    Tap and Spear Sizes

    The heights listed below are from the mouth of the keg to highest point of the lid / tap when it is attached to the keg. To get the total height / depth (if it's lying down) add them to the height of your chosen keg above.

    • You can remove the spout and regulator of the iKegger 2.0 at any point for even more compact storage.
    • With a ball lock spear you can also remove the liquid and gas connections at any time.
    Keg Lid Height Image

    iKegger 2.0 Tap

    (with regulator)


    iKegger 2.0 Tap

    (no regulator)


    Ball Lock Spear

    (top of liquid post)


    Traditional Tap System

    (with beer tap) 


    24/7 Customer Contact

    For the fastest answers about our products use the green chat button to talk to our AI assistant. Dave 2.0 is able to answer most questions about our gear but not live information like tracking your order or when item will be back in stock.

    Our small, passionate team is also usually available to chat almost 24/7 due to having shops in both Australia and Germany. You can contact us via live chat, whatsapp, facebook messenger, instagram DM or email and we will respond as soon as humanly possible. As a small team we are often packing orders, unloading trucks or dealing with customers so it may not be an instant reply.

    Returns & Warranty

    Returns & Warranty

    Warranty: We sell gear that is virtually unbreakable. All kegs and iKegger branded stainless products have a 5 year warranty (excluding consumable items like o-rings and seals) , other items have 1 year warranty.

    Returns: You can change your mind and return unused gear for 30 days.

    How we deal with any issues that do arise is where iKegger shines. Just see our reviews

    Change of Mind: We offer a full refund within 30 days for unused, undamaged items in sale-ready condition. While you cover return shipping, we don't charge a restocking fee like some other companies.

    Missing Items: We understand how disappointing it can be to discover missing items from your order. We want you happy and sharing a drink with your friends asap so we've streamlined the process.

    Warranty Claims: A Smooth Process, Guaranteed

    We stand behind the quality of our products and offer warranty coverage for your peace of mind. If you encounter a product issue covered by our warranty, here's how to get it sorted:

    • Showcase Your Setup: Like for missing items, the fastest way to get you pouring is seeing how you've set up your gear so send us a pic or video if possible. This allows us to immediately eliminate potential troubleshooting steps. In turn, this saves both you and us valuable time and effort, ensuring you can enjoy perfect performance as quickly as possible.
    • No Visuals? No Problem: If you are unable to send us a picture or video of the issue, please consult the manual that came with your gear or is located on the product page of the item you purchased before contacting us. Being able to troubleshoot using the same names for the various components stops conversations that run along the lines of "the do-hicky with the twist, near the part you pull has a drip coming out it" which while an interesting description doesn't help us have any idea what you are talking about.