Where To Fill Growlers and Mini Kegs

Scroll Down For The Map Of Filling Venues

  • THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF PLACES TO FILL: The map below only shows a tiny portion of the places to get your keg filled at, we add more as you let us know about them!
  • GOOGLE: Just google "breweries near me" and then call and ask them if they fill growlers and mini kegs. If you find somewhere newflick us a quick email to info@ikegger.com, it takes 5 seconds and helps out everyone who has an iKegger.
  • NOT JUST BREWERIES: You can also ask your local bar, pub, bottle shop, cidery, kombucha maker, coffee roaster etc. Any place that has a takeaway license can fill them but it is up to the venue if they want to.

Resin Brewing - Bulli

  • SANITISE: Ensure your mini keg or growler is clean and sanitised before arriving.
  • CHILL: Ask the staff to chill your keg prior to filling as it will prevent foaming. If it's an insulated keg take the lid off to chill it. (you make sure you get a full keg and they don't get loads of wasted product!)
  • FLUSH: Ideally flush it with CO2, some venues do this or you can do it yourself. Just put some CO2 gas in, it is heavier than air and forms a "cushion" protecting your beer from touching oxygen. Once filled you can screw in the spear and flush again for more insurance if you want.