Hospitality Industry Reviews

These are some video reviews from respected hospitality industry members.

None of them were paid for, nor influenced in any way by us. We simply gave them a prototype of the iKegger 2.0 system to test in the leadup to our Kickstarter launch and they did what they wanted with it. We are thankful for the time they took to test, give us feedback and provide these reviews for use on our launch.

The Stone Brewing video was professionally produced and paid for by them when they decided to start stocking our original 1.0 system.

Verified Customer Reviews

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Historical Industry Reviews

A couple of reviews from our past of the original iKegger system from when we first started.


    It seems that everyone loves growlers, us included. Especially then they are metal, shiny and look like mini kegs. And if that wasn’t enough, there are now tap systems to go with those kegs so you can have draft beer on the go. We recently got our hands on one of the ikegger 2 litre “Hummer” mini kegs and a flexi-tap system and put it through its paces.... Read more


    "At first glance this is absolute beer geek porn, this contraption just looks so impressive and makes such a bold statement. You have two options, you can either purchase just the growler itself or you can also add the CO2 pressured tapping system... Read more"

  • Girl + Beer

    "Between eight of us the four litres was pretty quickly drained but it had served it’s purpose well, it did what it said on the box and the night rolled on. It might sound odd but it wasn’t until the next day that I appreciated the iKegger the most – there was much less tell tale clinking bottles in our recycling bin thanks to the iKegger!... Read More"

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