iKegger Manuals and User Guides

Here you will find the user guides and setup videos for all iKegger products. Please watch the complete video, and read the user guide to ensure that you set up your iKegger system correctly and don't void the warranty.

If you still have a question once you've read and watched our user guides and setup videos then feel free to send us a message using the 'Need Help?' button on the bottom right corner of our website.

iKegger User Guides

Mini Keg Package For Carbonated Drinks (CO2 Mini Keg)

Mini Keg Package For Nitro Drinks (N2/NO2 Mini Keg)

 DIY Kegerator (BYO Fridge / Esky)

Premium Jockey Box Assembly

19L Basic Home Brew Package

23L Premium Home Brew Package

Glass Growler Tap

Soda Stream

Spunding Valve

Mini Regulator


DuoTight Push Fittings

Flow Stopper Keg/Growler Filler