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What Can You Put In A Keg? Anything You Want!

beer growler, mini keg refillable

Beer & Cider

Sick of an overflowing recycling bin?

Support your local brewery (they are everywhere!) and refill instead. (You can also fill your keg from bottles or cans).

Some Refill Venues (Map)
spirit keg with mixer - fireball, ginger, lime and mint


Love hosting cocktail parties but not being stuck making them all night?

Make up batches in your keg and enjoy yourself with no morning cleanup!

Batch Cocktail Recipes (PDF)
soda water keg for home, spirit and mixer keg, gin and tonic keg

Soda & Spirits

Think it's crazy to pay for soda water in plastic bottles? Make your own!

Want to have your favourite spirit & mixer on tap in the fridge?

Perfect For G&T / Rum & Coke
nitro growler for cold brew coffee and espresso martini

Coffee & Teas

Make coffee in the morning and have it hot all day (perfect for the office)

Make cold brew coffee and have it on tap in the fridge whenever you want!

Espresso Martini (Video)

Why Keg Your Home Brew Instead of Bottling?

Bottling Is A Pain!

Removing labels, storing, scrubbing, sanitising, filling, capping, collecting.

Compare that to a single, easy-clean, stainless keg

Perfect Carbonation

Sick of waiting a month only to have brews pouring flat or foamy from bottles?

Serve it perfectly carbonated on tap in days instead & adjust if needed!

On Tap Anywhere

Think kegs aren't portable and still want to take brews with you?

Pour a pint anywhere, from a quality tap, without needing ice to stay cold all day*

Simple & Expandable

Worried kegs are complex and difficult to use? We hear it all the time.

We guarantee that within 2 brews you will wonder why it took you so long to keg.

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