Live Life On Tap. Get Sideways In Style.

No mess cocktail parties, nitro coffee for the home office, plastic-free soda for the kids, crisp, cold beer camping or a post-yoga kombucha. Whatever your lifestyle, iKegger 2.0 will enhance it.

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Upright or Sideways

Pour Perfectly With A Button Press

Whether it's a quiet arvo beer or the centre piece of a cocktail party, iKegger will fit right in. It's intuitive to use and can be mastered in minutes. Just press harder for a faster pour!

Choose The Keg & Tap To Suit You

Using CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

Beer & Fizzy Drinks

Fill at breweries, with homebrew or from cans and bottles. Pour perfect pints that stay fresh and frothy to the last drop. Make your own sodas, batch up G&T or rum&coke.

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Using N2 (Nitrogen)

Coffee & Cocktails

Fill with cold brew for creamy nitro coffee without any milk, or spice it up with some liquor for espresso martinis with a button push. Batch up margaritas or whiskey sours or dispense flat drinks like juice & teas.

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Just swap the gas

Switch From Beer to Cocktails

You can keep everything else exactly the same and just switch the gas bulb to go from pints by the BBQ to a cocktail party & an iKegger is a head turner in any company!

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Assemble in Seconds

Simple & Portable

No other mini keg system allows you to remove the tap and gas regulator as easily as this. Most would end up with sticky drinks everywhere if you tried!

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Expand With Accessories

Get Sideways In Seconds

Simply twist the spout to pour with the keg on it's side from your fridge. We have a custom stand to stop it getting rollin. You can also use SodaStream or larger gas bottles for more economical gas than disposable bulbs.

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iKegger Mini Kegs & Growlers

Refillable mini keg systems for beer, cider, coffee & cocktails that stay cold all day and pour perfectly at the push of a button.

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