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Home Brew Keg Starter Kit | 23L Budget Package

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Size Guide

23L Budget Home Brew Keg System

Carbonation Setup

Use to connect both kegs to the regulator at the same time, either to carbonate both or drink one while carbonating the other.

The gas goes to both kegs equally.

The check-valve prevents liquid coming up the gas line to the regulator (so you can lie the keg down if desired).

The smaller keg will finish carbonating first as there is less volume, you can start drinking this one first while waiting for the 19l to finish.

View our Carbonation guide for tips on force carbonating, pressure brewing and storing.

Transfer Setup

Use when you want to fill one keg from the other (if you can't fit the large keg in the fridge for instance).

Connect the mini regulator to the large keg.

Use a black-to-black connection to connect the 2 liquid posts.

Put the other gas disconnect on the mini keg gas post to allow air to escape as you fill.

Turn the regulator on to start the transfer.

Daisy Chain Setup

Use when both kegs have been filled, carbonated and you can keep both kegs in a fridge.

The gas pushes beer from the large keg into the smaller keg and out the tap.

The smaller keg is always full and ready to take with you to the couch, park, or a bbq.

The large one empties first, allowing you to disconnect and clean it while continuing to drink the smaller keg (move the regulator to the smaller keg)

Portable Setup

Use when you want to take the mini keg away with you and leave the larger keg behind.

Connect the mini regulator directly to the mini keg with swivel connection (ensure it is tightened clockwise only!).

Use the Pluto Gun for easy-to-use dispensing on the go.

Disconnect and leave the other bits at home.

Our Mini Regulator - Another iKegger Difference

There are multiple similar looking mini regulators available in Australia... That does not mean they are the same quality. All of ours are tested at the factory and again by us before being sent. Each one has a serial number lasered on it to track batches and has a 1.8k burst valve on the rear as a last-ditch safety precaution if something were to go drastically wrong. The copycat ones have neither of these so they have no way of tracking faults in batches and are unsafe in worst case scenarios. Ours are covered by a 1-year warranty (except if you screw in a gas source with the regulator turned on). Don't take our word for it, read our reviews vs other companies and make up your own mind.

See The Reviews Of Our Mini Regulator

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