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Mini Keg For Nitro Drinks | Coffee, Cocktails, Stout

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Turn cold brew into creamy nitro coffee on tap or, even better, a keg of espresso martinis! Perfect for stout & shaken cocktails like whiskey sours too.

The Drop Down Options Explained

2L, 4L, 5L and 10L Standard Mini Kegs

The 2L and 4L are the same diameter at 13.5cm and are 20cm and 36.5cm tall respectively.

The 5L and 10L are the same diameter at 17.5cm and are 28cm and 50cm tall respectively.

They are all single walled so easy to chill quickly.

Stackable design

2L, 4L and 5L Black Insulated Mini Kegs:

The 2L is 13.5cm in diameter and 26cm tall.

The 4L and 5L are 17.5cm in diameter and are 30cm and 36cm tall respectively.

Double-wall stainless steel construction with a vacuum in between for excellent insulating properties.

Hot or cold for up to 10 hours depending on the environment.

Sleek look powder coated black with silver laser cut logo.

Stackable design

Screw Cap Only

The keg alone with the standard screw cap lid that comes with it (this is also included when you get any of the other tap options).

Ball Lock Spear

This is a lid that screws into the keg with quick connect post for the liquid connection and a bulb injector (like a cream whipper) to inject Pure Nitrogen Bulbs or Cream Charger (N20) Bulbs. There is also a 70 psi pressure release valve.

Chrome and Brass Tap

Basic tap on a plastic quick connect. A solid option for most circumstances. Can be removed at any point.

Premium Stout Style Tap

These taps are specifically designed for stout or nitro coffee etc. They are harder to accidently bump on and can pour a burst of foam by pushing back on the handle.