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Resin Pluto Gun | Beer Tap Including Line & Disconnect

Resin Pluto Gun | Beer Tap Including Line & Disconnect

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High Demand: Packing Time Of Up To 5 Days

These are a great option if you want to use your keg while inside your fridge or out at a party.

They are tough, reasonably priced, and impossible to accidentally bump on. You can also use them with the keg lying down.

The connection on the pluto gun is a 6.5mm push-fitting compatible stem (so you can just push a 6.5mm to 8mm reducer onto it to connect 8mm beer line) or you can push hose over the stem and clamp it in place.

Get one as an add-on to any of our packages, you won't be disappointed.


  • Resin pluto gun
  • 6.5mm to 8mm Push-fitting
  • 1.2m of 4mm internal / 8mm external beer line (do not cut! This is the correct length for slowing the beer down to prevent foaming)
  • Black Plastic Liquid Disconnect
  • 1 x FFL 8mm Push Fitting


    A couple of tricks to reduce foaming
    1.  The first splash of beer coming out the tap will often be foamy and if this goes into the glass foam continues to build on it (notice when a bartender pours a beer they often turn the tap on and then put the glass under a second or two later)
    2. Also ensure you pull the trigger all the way in, pulling it halfway will create turbulence and more foam.
    3. Having a warm tap and hose will create foam till the cold beer flowing through cools it, best to keep it in the fridge or an esky.


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    Keg Sizes and Dimensions

    iKegger Mini Keg Dimensions

    Below is a table that details the dimensions and volume that each of our mini kegs and growlers can hold. The table shows the height of each keg with the included screw cap only. 


    Diameter Height
    2L Standard Keg 13.5cm 20cm
    2L Black Insulated Keg 13.5cm 26cm
    4L Standard Keg 13.5cm 35cm
    4L Black Insulated Keg 17.5cm 29cm
    5L Standard Keg 17.5cm 29cm
    5L Black Insulated Keg 17.5cm 36cm
    10L Standard Keg 17.5cm 50cm

    Tap and Spear Sizes

    The below heights are from the mouth of the keg to highest point of the lid / tap when it is attached to the keg. If the keg is lying down this would also be the depth (for example with an iKegger 2.0 or Traditional Tap system lying down in your fridge).

    • If using the iKegger 2.0 you can remove the spout and regulator at any point for even more compact storage.
    • If using a double ball lock spear (by itself or included with the tradional tap complete kit) you can detach the tap, hose or regulator at any point to store.
    Keg Lid Height Description Image

    iKegger 2.0 Tap

    (with regulator)

    7.0cm Fully functional tap system upright or lying down

    iKegger 2.0 Tap

    (no regulator)


    For even smaller storage, no gas regulator atached.

    Ball Lock Spear

    (top of liquid post)

    6.0cm For storage, no gas input or tap attached.
    Low Profile Mini Keg Spear 3.5cm Gas and liquid posts out to side with 35psi PRV and filter dip tube.

    Traditional Tap System

    (with beer tap) 

    24cm Traditional beer tap system with tap attached and lying down

    Party Pump

    (USB Tap)


    Can only be used upright. Spout can be removed