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Turn cold brew into creamy nitro coffee on tap or, even better, a keg of espresso martinis! Perfect for stout & shaken cocktails like whiskey sours too.

The Drop Down Options Explained

2L or 4L Standard Mini Kegs

The 2L and 4L are the same diameter at 13.5cm and are 20cm and 36.5cm tall respectively without just the screw cap (that's included too).

They are all single walled so easy to chill quickly and the diamter fits in many fridge doors!

Stackable design

The carry sleeves are custom made to fit our kegs.

By choosing yes we will include the one that matches your mini keg system.

Getting them in this package is at least 20% cheaper than getting them alone so if you think you might want one grab it now!

You can see the sleeves as a separate item on our shop on this link

The sleeves include a shoulder carry strap and pockets for holding gas bulbs.

They are handy for carrying the insulated kegs and some spare gas and are like a big stubby cooler for the standard keg, extending the time they will stay cold.

Other Common Questions

  • You choice of either the 2L or 4L keg.
  • The tap system with bulb injector, spear, connections and tap (which can be removed for storage, transport and shaking).
  • 500ml Sanitiser (enough for years)
  • 50g Deep Clean Sodium Percarbonate
  • Sachet of lubricant
  • 10 pack of Nitrous Oxide bulbs (enough for appox 10-15L of coffee or cocktails).
  • Optionally an insulated carry sleeve with gas bulb pockets and shoulder strap.

There are 2 choices of gas to use in this system, either pure 2g nitrogen (N2) or 8g nitrous oxide (N2O).

Pure nitrogen is flavourless and produces dense creamy head and cascading bubbles like a Guinness. However it takes longer or more shaking to dissolve into your drink before you can serve and you will need to use more bulbs.

Nitrous oxide has a very slight sweet flavour to it and produces the same effect with less time shaking (virtually immediately). It give more of an espresso martini looking drink than the slowly cascading bubbles of a pure nitrogen which looks more like Guinness.

It's best to play around with both to find your favourite, you can also combine 1 bulb of one with one of the other.

You can add either gas above, the system comes with a 10 pack of nitrous oxide but you can request pure of you prefer after ordering.

No, unlike other products out there.

You can just get a spare mini keg with a screw cap and swap the complete tap system onto it when your first keg empties.

Or get a mini keg with a nitro spear on it and you can swap just the tap backwards and forwards between 2 filled kegs without losing any gas or liquid.

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