M10 to Type 30 Adapter | For Disposable CO2 & Nitrogen Bottles

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These great little adapters allow you to use our disposable 2.2L CO2 or Nitrogen gas bottles with our type 30 thread dual gauge regulator.

We had found in the past that the M10 regulators that were available on the market were not very sturdily built, this allows you to use a tried and trusted MKIII or MKIV dual gauge regulator (which are very reliable and come with a 5 year warranty)

This allows for a portable but still high capacity solution for dispensing both carbonated drinks like beer, cider, kombucha etc as well as nitro coffee, stout, or cocktails using the same system. Just swap the gas bottle and away you go!

The knob on top of the adapter screws the pin down after you've connected the gas bottle so you never lose any gas while connecting and disconnecting the regulator.

The adapter comes complete with a spare set of o-rings and Allen key to replace them.

See this video on assembling the adapter with a M10 gas bottle and regulator

m10 regulator adapter and spares