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10L "Mandingo" iKegger Mini Keg

 The newest addition to our range of mini kegs the "Mandingo" is a monster 17.5cm in diameter and 50cm long. We love the fact that these are slimmer than standard Cornelius kegs and will fit lying down on a shelf in the fridge pretty easily. In a larger fridge you can fit 2 of these kegs plus a soda stream bottle so you can carbonate 20L of beer and keep it chilled while only using up one shelf of the home fridge.

"Mandingo" 10L MINI KEG ALONE $109

  • 10L volume or 30 "stubbies"
  • Half the size & weight of bottles, perfect for camping, caravans etc
  • Made from 304 stainless steel these kegs are virtually unbreakable. (5 year warranty)
  • Integrated, easy to grip, comfortable handles
  • Stackable design for easy storage 
  • Perfect for home brew, either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonating.
  • 17.5cm diameter, 50cm high (taps add approx 12cm to height) 
  • For a complete kit check out our  Build Your Own Package here.



  • Swap the same tap and gas kit from any of our  Build Your Own Mini Keg Packages so you have multiple beers available or increased storage.
  • Same standard connections as cornelius kegs, use in kegerators.
  • Use ball lock disconnects to daisy chain with your other kegs and always have 30 beers ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • Ball lock posts for liquid and gas
  • Gas bleed valve for burping the keg.


  • Our budget tap option (this is the most basic tapping system)
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Uses 16g disposable CO2 canisters to maintain carbonation and dispense beer 
  • Manual push button gas dispenser (not a regulator)
  • Plastic tap on flexible hose
  • For our higher quality and fully featured tap systems check out our build your own mini keg kits

With the double ender spear installed these still fit comfortably on a shelf in both the fridges I own. In fact in my larger fridge two of these fit easily with space for a sodastream bottle or our new 2.2L disposable N2 or Co2 bottles and regulator making them ideal for homebrewers wanting to force carbonate 10L of beer, have another 10L ready to drink on tap and still without needing a separate beer fridge!

2 x 10L kegs and gas in the fridge

2 x 10L kegs with our 2.2L CO2 bottle and regulator on one shelf



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