How To Build A 4 Tap Mini Kegerator Yourself In One Hour

How To Build A 4 Tap Mini Kegerator Yourself In One Hour

Build A 4 Tap Kegerator In One Hour!

So yesterday we had a quick look around for a bar fridge that would fit 4 of our mini kegs in it just out of interest...

However being fairly impulsive as soon as we found one we went ahead and bought it, took it home and 1 hour later had a fully functioning kegerator with 4 taps and 30L capacity (2 x 10L kegs and 2 x 5L kegs) set up in the iKegger office!

Below we have listed the components that were put into it and we will update this with more detailed instructions soon!

You can buy a package deal of the required components without the fridge here

ikegger mini kegerator

Note: This fridge will not fit 19L Corny Kegs in it, it is however perfect for having a larger selection of drinks on tap in a small area. For instance you could have 5L of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee for the morning, 2 x 10L of Beer Kegs for the afternoon on CO2 and 5L of Espresso Martini on a Nitro tap for after work! 

ikegger mini kegerator open

The only actual construction work involved is drilling 4 evenly spaced holes for the taps through the fridge door, after that it was just a matter of tightening the clamps on all the beer and gas line connections, filling the kegs and turning the fridge and gas on... One hour after starting we were drinking beer on tap in the office!



If you want a nitro and co2 system you will need 2 regulators and 2 gas bottles as pictured below, 2 of the kegs are hooked up to CO2 from a sodastream bottle (centre) and 2 onto a 2.2L disposable N2 bottle (in the door)


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