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Build A Home Brew Keg Package To Suit Your Needs

Bottling Sucks! This We Can All Agree On!

  • Cleaning and sanitising them all

  • Priming and capping

  • Storing them all while waiting for secondary to finish

  • Breakages / explosions / variations in carbonation

  • Yeast sediment that sets like glue if you don't rinse immediately

  • The mess to clean up the day after mates come over

  • Having to cart a bunch of bottles to a bbq then bring them home

  • Rinsing them when you get home to avoid yeast glue

  • Starting all over again...

Why Bottle When Kegging Is SO Fast and Easy?

  • Only 2 vessels to clean & sanitise
  • No priming or capping

  • No long wait for carbonation (can carbonate in 15min!)

  • No breakages, explosions or variations in carbonation

  • Only a couple of glasses to clean after mates come over

  • One sediment free keg to clean instead of up to 57 yeasty stubbie bottles

  • Combine with the fermentasaurus for the easiest way to brew

    • Brew faster

    • No transferring brew prior to kegging

    • Use as a second keg system

    • Carbonate during primary fermentation using produced co2

Step 1. Choose your kegs

4L, 5L and 10L Kegs include the removable double ball lock spear that the liquid and gas connect to. These have valves so they can be disconnected at any point without losing gas or leaking liquid. There is also a pressure release valve to allow manual gas release, burping the kegs, pressure transfer of liquid etc. 19L kegs have these parts built into them. All our kegs include a 5 year warranty.

5L Kegs

  • These are perfect for putting your home brew in 12v camping fridges, bar fridges or cooler boxes.

10L Kegs

  • Great for use in bar fridges or for lying down on a shelf in a larger fridge.

19L Kegs

  • Maximum volume for the best price. Only fits into larger fridges and can't be used while lying down.

19L plus 4L Kegs

  • Best of both worlds, the entire system can be put into a large fridge for 2 x 23L brews on tap with the ability to take the smaller kegs with you at a moments notice as they will always be full. Alternatively you can store the 19L kegs somewhere cool and just keep the smaller kegs in the fridge, refilling them as needed.

Step 2. Choose Your Taps

All of these systems come with 2 taps, one for each keg. These can be connected and disconnected in seconds, if you want to lay down the keg to store it for instance.

Pluto Guns

  • These easy to use taps are on the end of a meter of beer line. They can easily hook onto the side of the keg or the inside of the fridge door for easy access. They can be used with the kegs lying down (not 19L kegs though due to them having a steel dip tube rather than the flexible ones in the smaller kegs)

Standard Chrome Tap On Plastic Disconnect

  • A standard chrome plated brass brumby style tap. A good budget option however the design of this tap means that it must be regularly taken apart and cleaned to avoid bacteria growth or the tap sticking closed. Can't be used with keg lying down.

Stainless Flow Control Tap On Steel Disconnect

  • A premium tap with premium connection. All stainless tap body with a forward sealing design that prevents bacteria growth or sticking. The flow control lever on the side means you can adjust the flow of liquid on the fly fr a perfect pour every time. Also allows keeping the keg pressure at a constant level and turning off the tap to prevent spillage with an accidental bumping.

Step 3. Choose Your Regulator

Mini Professional Regulator

  • This high quality single gauge regulator is small and portable while also being tough enough for every day usage.
  • It uses 16g disposable co2 bulbs as standard but also includes an adapter to use 400g sodastream gas bottles. 1 x 16g bulb will dispense approximately 5L of beer so this is great for portable applications however will get expensive if you are carbonating and dispensing larger volumes. (Each bulb is about $2.50 or cheaper if you buy in bulk)
  • 1 x 400g SodaStream bottle costs $19 to swap and go at your local shop and has the equivalent of 25 of the 16g bulbs in it. It will dispense around 100L of beer or carbonate and dispense around 50L.

The Dual Gauge Regulator

  • Dual gauges show the pressure both in the keg and remaining in the gas bottle.
  • It comes standard with a Type 30 thread inlet for use with Australian standard refillable CO2 bottles.
  • The 2.6kg gas bottle we sell for use with this regulator comes full and can be refilled at your local shop for about $30-40. This is enough gas to dispense about 400L of beer or carbonate and dispense around 200L.
  • This regulator also comes with an adapter to use SodaStream 400g bottles for a more portable solution.

Step 4. Add A SOurce Of Gas To Your Package (Optional)

The packages do not come with any gas, you can add some to your cart below. If the 2.6kg bottle isn't showing refresh your page. We are not sure what is causing this.

2.6kg Refillable CO2 Gas Bottle (Full)

Sold out

Sold out

10 Pack of 16g CO2 Bulbs

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Matt P.

Keg package

These were extra 2x 5L kegs and daisy chains we added to our already awesome ARB fridge keg/tap setup, so 10 becomes 20 Litre's of favourite brew, also grabbed a Pluto gun and spare gas reg in case of using the kegs separate to the fridge setup. purchase was easy and delivery was quick considering we're the other side of Aus and south. Well done guys, great products.

Matt P. verified customer review of Home Brew Keg PackagesMatt P. verified customer review of Home Brew Keg Packages
Joshua D.

Great product

Love these kegs. Great product, beautifully made, easy to use and fill

Werner V.

19 lt Cornelius keg

I got two kegs as was well priced. They are amazing and good quality, can’t wait to use them.

Werner V.

23 lt home brew kit

The kit looks great. Waiting for brew to finish and then into the kegs it goes. It’s going to be great having the kegs to use over Christmas and new years eve can’t wait. Thanks guys

Matt P.

'The Choads"

I purchased 2x 5L Choad's for use in a twin tap ARB fridge setup. All the gear arrived quickly and these kegs can easily filled.


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