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KegSwappa 20L kegs have a Type A commercial keg fitting, the same used on the 50L kegs that your local brewery distributes to bars and pubs. This makes them easy for the brewery to fill and clean but a little more complex for you the consumer as you need a special coupler to inject the gas and push out that delicious beer! Luckily we have you covered and can put together anything you want in terms of serving your beverage anywhere you like, from a home built kegerator in an old fridge to a backpack to take the whole thing to a festival or event!

The A Type Coupler With Ball Lock Posts

You need this fitting to go between the 20L keg and whatever you want to attach to it. Ball lock posts are the same connection used in home brewing setups and are a univesal fitting that generally matches any other gear you purchase. It has the added benefit that the liquid and gas connctions have valves in them so you can connect or disconnect at any point with no leakages.

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The Insulated Backpack

This package includes a waterproof (so you can add ice) insulated backpack custom made for the KegSwappa kegs. It also includes a premium mini regulator that can use mini CO2 bulbs or a Sodastream gas bottle (adapter included, bottle is not) and a pluto gun to dispense.

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Build Your Own Kegerator

This package has all the parts needed to put a single keg swappa keg on tap in your own fridge or freezer . It includes the tap and the shank (part that goes through the wall or door), all connections and fittings and a premium mini regulator with adapter for a sodastream gas bottle. For each tap you add you will need another coupler too but we will split the regulator to gas multiple kegs from it.

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