iKegger 2.0: A pop-up bar, anywhere.

Perfectly poured pints, fresh and frothy till the last drop.

Espresso martinis, margaritas etc at a button push.

Make your own sodas, plastic free.

Nitro coffee on tap, without cafe prices

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Exclusive 2.0 Features

8 years of experience and feedback from 40,000 customers who purchased the iKegger 1.0 led to the developement of the 2.0 system.

Sideways With A Twist

Being able to pour lying down takes up a fraction of the fridge space. Competitors products force you to remove all the shelves to keep them upright.

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Sized To Suit Your Needs

The 2.0 tap system can be used on all our existing mini kegs from 2L up to 10L in size and in both double wall insulated (black) or standard single wall (silver) options.

Switch it from a tiny 2L keg of espresso martinis for a posh picnic one day, to 10L of beer by the BBQ the next!

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Switch In Seconds

The 2.0 mini regulator allows something not previously possible. To switch between CO2 (for beer, cider, soda etc) and Nitrogen (for coffee, shaken cocktails and stout) in seconds just by changing the gas bulb.

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Convenience vs Cost

Competitor products can usually only use one specific disposable gas bulb. The 2.0 mini regulator gives you the option to use nearly any gas bulbs, from 2g up to 25g in CO2, Nitrogen or Nitrous Oxide.

Plus, with optional adapters, use larger gas bottles when portability and convienience are less important than budget and wasted packaging.

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kegger package for any drink pouring on it's side

Still Have Questions?

The green chat button in the bottom right is manned 24/7 by Dave 2.0 (an AI version of Dave, the iKegger inventor). He's very knowledgable about iKegger products but doesn't have live access to the site so can't track your purchases, see if something is out of stock etc (yet!) if you need an answer he can't give try this link to chat with us if we are online, if we aren't we'll answer via email ASAP.

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