Paloma Hibiscus Sesion Tequila Batch Cocktail

Paloma Hibiscus Sesion Tequila Batch Cocktail

Sesion Tequila Event Dave and Oner with iKegger It's no surprise we are big fans of Sesión tequila, and we just stumbled upon this delicious fresh cocktail that we thought would be great batched in an iKegger!

If you are into drinks that will get your tastebuds tingling you have to give this a go.

Give the single serve a taste first before you go wild, the grapefruit soda is to be added based on the drinker's tastebuds so you may want a little more/less.

Paloma Tequila Batch Cocktail Ingredients Measurements

Ingredient Per Serve 1L Growler
(6 drinks)
2L Keg
(12 drinks)
4L Keg
(25 drinks)
5L Keg
(32 drinks)
10L Keg 
(64 drinks)
Sesión Tequila Blanco
30ml 180ml 360ml 750ml
Lime 20ml 120ml 240ml 500ml 640ml 1,280ml
Hibiscus Infused Agave 15ml 90ml 180ml 375ml 480ml 960ml
Grapefruit Soda 60ml 360ml 720ml 1,500ml 1,920ml 2,840ml



  1. Chill all ingredients and mini keg before making the batch cocktail.
  2. Combine all ingredients in quantities listed in the table above for your size mini keg.
  3. Gently swirl ingredients to mix.
  4. Attach spear with tap and CO2 Gas.
  5. Set psi to 15 to maintain carbonation level, reduce just prior to pouring.
  6. Enjoy with friends.

Cocktail Conversion Calculator for Batch Mini Keg Cocktails

Looking to convert your favourite cocktail into a mini keg batch?

Head over to the Cocktail Calc and set the batch to the closest quantity to fill your vessel.

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