The Best Fathers Day Gift Range | Mini Beer Kegs | iKegger

The Best Fathers Day Gift Range | Mini Beer Kegs | iKegger

When is Father's Day in Australia?

Father's Day in Australia is Sunday 1st of Sept 2019 (If you are reading this in 2020 - Father's Day is Sunday Sept 6th!)

Dads Cop A Raw Deal On Birthdays, Father's Day and Christmas

When you compare the gifts they generally receive for their special day compared to what Mum gets you see it's true. Is it because we love our fathers less? Of course not! We simply don't make as big a fuss and part of the reason (for me and the friends I asked anyway) is that I simply can never think what to get him. 

My Dad is a lot like me in many respects, he isn't one to covet expensive material possessions, he has just retired and he has had an entire working life to fill the garage and shed  with all the power tools, outdoor activity equipment, fishing gear etc he could ever need. 


So I usually aim to give my Dad an experience, he has been hang-gliding, had nice meals, cruises, and for his 60th birthday this year, we got him a sky dive.

But those are done and dusted in an hour (or a minute if you're falling out of a plane) and sometimes you just want to give him something he can physically unwrap, something he can proudly show his friends and something he will actually use in his day to day life...

Well my Dad, most of his mates and my family, love beer. They meet at the pub, they have beers around a bbq, they go fishing and take a few beers with them. That's why the iKegger range is the ultimate father's day gift.

Scroll down to see just a few of the thousands of 5 star reviews our products have got!

Whether the father you are buying for likes a quiet beer or two at home or is a passionate home brewer with a full kegging system in the basement, there are not many guys out there who wouldn't love to be able to pull a mini keg out of the fridge or esky and pour a fresh tapped beer wherever they are.

Check Out These 3 Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas

For options click on the drop down list below the picture, the price and picture will change to reflect your choices. All are complete systems ready to use except for the gas canisters for them. For more information click on the picture to be taken to the product page.

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For The Beer Nerds

Our keg systems are the best way to get special limited release brews from your local craft brewery or from his mate that brews at home. Beer can be transferred from commercial keg to ours with no contact with oxygen which would cause it to spoil quickly.

For Less Rubbish

Fill at your local brewery or bar to avoid all packaging. Fill from bottles and cans and dispose of them immediately to take up less space in the fridge and not have them scattered everywhere afterwards. Plus no broken bottles!

For No Interruptions

Don't need to get up during the footy or movie. Our growlers (or kegs with insulation sleeves) stay cold for hours meaning fresh tapped beer couch-side for the whole game (or warm mulled wine while watching a movie in winter!)

For The Homebrewer

If he's a homebrewer our kegs save so much time and work spent bottling. If he already uses 19L kegs our min kegs are perfect for the leftover from a standard 23L brew and let him take his homebrew anywhere and still serve it tapped from a keg.

We genuinely believe in and use our products everyday, that's why we iKegger exists!

If you need to contact Dave or Oner with questions, feedback, testimonial or a suggestion, please send an email to All emails are typically responded to within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays.

You can also contact us via chat on the bottom corner of the website nearly any time.

Week Ending the 19th of June: John Wilson from Albury
Week Ending the 26th of June: Peter Stagoll from Loch Sport, Victoria
Week Ending the 3rd  of July: Brad Hill from Perth, WA
Week Ending the 10th of July: Angus Cooper from Brisbane, QLD
Week Ending the 17th of July: Charlie Wigmore from Perth, WA
Week Ending the 24th of July: Aleasa Jarvis from Umina Beach, NSW
Week Ending the 31st of July: Jimmy Gowlett from Albury, NSW
Week Ending the 8th of August: Taylor Cox from Adelaide, SA
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the perfect gift for dad even though I had to buy it for myself , so now I "m buying one for my son. Great value and just so useful

neil langshaw

It would be much better then bottles @ cans

Tony young

On my fourth attempt at home brew now.
Anything from the ikegger range would be an awesome Father’s Day gift.

Graeme Hughes

I have a full bar set up with superchiller and tap beer, can I fill these units up directly from the tap?

Paul Harrod

Fathers day is a special day, I have been rewarded by my children with many death defying activities, the last tandem jump from 15,000 feet.

Stephen LEE

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