The Rocks Brewery | Alexandria | Beer, Food, iKegger Growler Refills

The Rocks Brewery | Alexandria | Beer, Food, iKegger Growler Refills

This hidden away gem of a brewery has everything you could want and it's virtually always open!

This has become our go-to growler filling venue, partly because it's just around the corner from us, partly because they fill iKegger growlers at very reasonable prices ($30 for 2 or a Johnson Double Growler) but mostly because they have some tasty beers to choose from.

Get your growler fill at rocks brewery

Their core range has 2 great beers, The Governor Golden Ale and The Boxer Red Ale and recently we've been loving their Conviction Series IPA (which packs a hefty wallop at 7%)

The venue itself is in the middle of an industrial complex and you'll probably second guess yourself the first time you try to get there but once you do it's like a little beer oasis surrounded by offices and warehouses.

There is a huge outdoor area with plenty of large tables for groups scattered between raised garden beds. The actual brewery is completely visible through glass walls from outside and only separated by a divider inside making you really aware of the fact your delicious beverage is coming straight from those epic stainless steel towers.

Rocks Brewery in Alexandria

The inside bar area is mainly wooden with beautiful copper splashbacks behind the taps, the semi open kitchen feels like some kind of Southern USA BBQ shack, which matches the menu perfectly as the the huge builtin smoker gives hint to.

The rocks taps and copper splashback

The food is hearty, delicious and smokey. House smoked meats and in house pickles feature heavily on the menu and you won't get any complaints from me about that. Some poor sod spends hours every day crumbing jalapeno poppers if the volume leaving the kitchen every time I've been there (a goodly portion of them coming to my table) is anything to go by. Word of warning the kitchen takes a pounding every weekday lunch from all the businesses around and it goes from a chilled out empty venue to absolute chaos for about 2 hours come 12.30pm so you might want to get in earlier or later than that if you want a chilled couple of beers and a meal during the week.

The staff are all friendly as f*ck, if in doubt check out the smile on this blokes dial after he filled my iKegger Hummer. This amazes me considering the place is open for breakfast and kicks on till late every night. 

iKegger Hummer growler filling at The Rocks Brewery

Head in between 4 and 6pm Mon- Thurs and it's $6 pints and there is live music every Sat and Sun starting at 2pm. 

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