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Where To Fill Growlers and Mini Kegs

For Customers Looking to Fill Their Kegs

please check with the venue before arriving: They may only fill out of peak times or need specific staff there to do it!

  • This map only shows a tiny portion of the potential places to get your keg filled at. Just google "breweries near me" and then call and ask them!
  • You can also ask your local bar, pub, bottle shop etc. Any place that has a takeaway license can fill them but it is up to the venue if they want to.
  • It is impossible to keep this map up to date, we update it with whatever information is given to us by venues or customers as we receive it.
  • Venues, management and policies change all the time, especially in hospitality, so if you notice something is incorrect or you find a new venue share the love.
  • You can click the icon in the top left of the map to see a list of all the venues on the map or zoom in on the area you are interested in.

For Venues That Want To Fill Kegs

  • If you are a venue that fills steel growlers and mini kegs (we stock ones between 2L and 19L, all marked with volume) email us at and we will add you immediately (free advertising for you!)
  • This map has been viewed more than 170,000 times by people looking to fill their growlers and mini kegs, it is a great source of additional income especially in the current climate.
  • We will provide FREE counter pressure filling gear to you as well as coasters like the ones pictured here to help you advertise that you fill mini kegs.
  • We sell mini kegs and growlers at wholesale prices to venues for an extra and ongoing revenue stream.
  • Get in touch with us if you are interested in an easy, free way to boost revenue in this tough time for hospitality.


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