homebrew pains - bottling vs kegging

No More Bottles

Removing labels, storing, scrubbing, sanitising, filling, capping, collecting.

Compare that to a single, easy-clean, stainless keg

home brew carbonation, secondary vs force carbonating

Perfect Carbonation

Sick of waiting a month only to have brews pouring flat or foamy from bottles?

Serve it perfectly carbonated on tap in days instead & adjust if needed!

homebrew system portable mini keg

On Tap Anywhere

Think kegs aren't portable and still want to take brews with you?

Pour a pint anywhere, from a quality tap, without needing ice to stay cold all day*

home brew kegerator package

Simple & Expandable

Worried kegs are complex and difficult to use? We hear it all the time.

We guarantee that within 2 brews you will wonder why it took you so long to keg.

iKegger Specialises In Packages For New Brewers or New To Kegging


Christmas Corporate Gifts 2022

3 min read

Christmas is a time to stand out, not only to your customers but to your staff too. What better way to do this than with branded mini kegs that ensure your B2B customers/clients and your staff enjoy their Christmas break with cold bevvies on tap! And the best part? Your brand will be there too!
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The Best Beer Growler Features of 2022 | Australia

The Best Beer Growler Features of 2022 | Australia

5 min read

What even is a growler? why should you care?

A growler is basically a takeaway container you refill at your local brewery, bar, kombucha maker, cold brew coffee maker etc.

It is booming in a big way and is so much better for the environment than even recycling bottles and cans.

Modern growlers prevent spoilage of the drink, maintain it's carbonation and can even keep your drink cold all day!

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Kombucha Second Fermentation Tips and Tricks

Kombucha Second Fermentation (4 Common But Crucial Mistakes & How To Avoid Them)

5 min read

First fermentation is the basic process in which tea is fermented for up to two weeks in order to produce Kombucha. For carbonation and to create the desired flavour, second kombucha fermentation comes into action. This step is usually carried out by adding fruit and sugars to the liquid and filling it into bottles.  Bottling kombucha comes with obstacles. Here are the most common mistakes made during second fermentation and tips and tricks on how to successfully do a second kombucha fermentation.

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