Thermos Insulation I Heating Water For Showers | Other Uses for iKeggers

Thermos Insulation I Heating Water For Showers | Other Uses for iKeggers

So up till now we have almost exclusively focused on how you can use the iKegger range for beer. Whether that is picking up your favourite liquid gold from a local brewery, filling it from a 6 pack to take to the footy or using it to brew your own without the headaches of bottling (and the benefit of being able to force carbonate).

But we have got a lot of questions about other drinks and also a bunch of people testing them out in other ways... some of them very outside the box!

Coffee: It seems cold drip coffee is on every self respecting, bearded, tattooed baristas menu these days. It's a fairly costly drink to make as it involves steeping large amounts of coffee grounds and it goes sour quickly if exposed to air. Enter the iKegger range! In the same way that purging the oxygen from our mini kegs keeps your beer fresh, it can also make sure your  morning after fix is ready and waiting to clear the cobwebs of last nights IIPA from your head.

Patron espresso martini

Mixed Drinks: We get asked all the time whether you can use the iKegger range for spirit and mixer drinks (rum and coke or vodka and soda for example) and the answer is a resounding "of course you can!" The iKegger growler especially is the perfect item to take to a party filled with your own Bundy and Dry mix. You choose how strong it is, it will stay cold all day without needing to be kept in a ice filled esky and it will never go flat. Let all those other fools fish around in an esky full of freezing ice water looking for the tinny they bought that someone else has pinched. You can sit in your seat pouring ice cold, perfectly carbonated, perfectly mixed to your taste bevvies all night!

Check out The Booze Barons (aka Nick Rose) review on this page where he uses the Hummer for making a carbonated Rum, Pomegranate and Earl Grey Sour

Hot Shower / Tap: This one just came to us while we were camping last week. We were sitting around the fire at night and had finished one of our Johnsons of beer. We needed to wash the dishes and realised we had the perfect camping hot water system with us. We just filled up the Johnson with water and stuck it by the fire. 30 min later we had hot water so we screwed on the Flexi Tap and got to washing up. Voilà! High pressure hot water. After finishing the Growler of beer we had left we gave it a rinse and filled it with the left over hot water... I can't tell you how happy we were when we woke the next morning (feeling like death) to find the water still hot enough to make coffee with. Double whammy! The next day we didn't have a fire but realised the base of the kegs is the perfect size for a gas stove flame, happy days!



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