Hard Seltzer | What are Seltzers and who makes the best Seltzers?

Hard Seltzer | What are Seltzers and who makes the best Seltzers?

A Seltzer is a relatively new drink to hit the Australian beverage market, if you're young then you may already know all about Passionfruit-Seltzer-iKegger the variety of Seltzers on the market, from Hard Fizz to Saintly. But if you've been sticking to your tried and trusted beer, wine and spirits then you may be wondering... what is a Seltzer? So we've put together this helpful guide on what Seltzers are, where you can get them, and how you can turn up to your next party with an iKegger of Seltzer rather than a bag full of cans.

What is a Hard Seltzer (AKA Alcoholic Seltzer)?

If you're wondering what a seltzer drink is, then we are here to tell you... it's essentially fizzy water. So now, what is a Hard Seltzer? Well, it's fizzy water with a bit of alcohol and flavouring. Why is the world going crazy for hard seltzer - well it's practically a healthy tasty alcoholic drink. What's not to like?

Hard Seltzers are lower in carbs and sugar too, making them more appealing than RTD's, wine and beer. Perfect for enjoying summer arvos at the beach, festivals or just with friends at home. And less of a sugary hangover the next day. Obviously, we encourage enjoying responsibly.

Another benefit of seltzers is that the majority of them are gluten-free, so with many people wanting to steer clear of gluten they are a tasty and healthy option when choosing an alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

So now that you've learnt that a Seltzer is just carbonated water, using carbon dioxide it's time to find out who are the epic local Seltzer brands in Australia.Rasberry-Seltzer-iKegger

Who makes the best Hard Seltzers in Australia?

Good question and we all want to know! Lots of beer brands have jumped straight into this billion-dollar industry, Corona, Bud Light, but we are loving the local brands that are absolutely rocking it. Check out this list below of some of the best Seltzers in Australia:

    • Topo Chico - Topo Chico Hard Seltzer takes inspiration from Topo Chico sparkling mineral water which started humbly bottling water in Monterrey, Mexico in 1895.
    • Lust Liquor - Born on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Lust Liquor is the go-to brand for zero sugar, low carbs and low-calorie alcoholic beverages.
    • Hard Fizz - 4% alcoholic sparkling hard seltzer that is brewed from rice and comes in 3 flavour varieties: Orange & Mango, Lemon & Ginger and Watermelon & Berry.
    • Saintly - Australian Made, Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, All Natural, Vegan friendly, Gluten-free Alcoholic sparkling water, infused with natural flavours.
    • Australian Seltzer Co. - a deliciously carbonated blend of 100% natural native Australian fruits, herbs and roots infused with vodka.
    • FELLR - A brewed alcoholic seltzer with a refreshing and fuller mouthfeel, blended with sparkling water and a hint of natural fruit with barely any sugar (25 calories).
    • Quincy - Created by Lion, Quincy is a fun and light-hearted seltzer that is created using rice to deliver a clean, dry taste that isn't too sweet. 
    • Ray - hailing from their home in Footscray ('Ray' - hence the name), Hop Nation has brewed a range of alcoholic sparkling water, containing real fruit and no added sugar to deliver a crisp refreshing tipple. Perfect for those wanting a beverage with a little less alcohol and fewer calories.
    • Wildspirit Distilling Co. - alcoholic gluten-free sparkling water, made using a hint of natural flavours including lime, mango, raspberry or passionfruit. With a dry rather than sweet flavour, and a wild taste.
    • Bodriggy Brewing Company/Iggy Seltzer - not your average seltzer, low calorie and all jazz.
    • Good Tides - inspired by the purity of the Aussie coast and refreshing waves, this Australian sparkling water is blended with vodka with a hint of natural lemon and lime flavouring.
    • Vacay - all Australian alcoholic premium spiked sparkling water that is 100% Australian owned and operated.
    • Actual Seltzer - Actual Vodka Seltzer is what it says on the can; vodka and sparkling water. It’s not complicated because it doesn’t have to be.
    • Sunly - Sunly is like the friend who ditches their togs for a skinny dip – that friend who inspires you to live a better life. Gluten-free, vegan, low calories, natural ingredients, three natural flavour combinations.
    • Delvi - Sip by sip, Delvi are striving to be Australia’s favourite flavour in seltzer land. They are independent and craft their drinks using Australian plant extracts.
    • Boozy Seltzer - ‘Sweet yet citrusy, dry but juicy, sleek but spritzed, light but loose – just great tasting seltzer with epic fruit flavours.’

How can iKegger help with Seltzers?

Hard-Seltzer-iKeggerGreat question. iKegger can help in two ways! Firstly, instead of carting a bag full of bottles or cans to a party you can fill up a keg and be the life of the party.

We recommend an insulated keg that will keep your beverages cold for up to 10 hours, but you can build your own keg system to suit your needs.

Secondly, you can make your own hard seltzers for a fraction of the price. Read on...

Make your own Seltzer in an iKegger Mini Keg

To make a hard/alcoholic seltzer you need to start by creating sugar water using boiled water and corn sugar. It needs to be boiled for about 10 minutes and once cooled this goes into your fermentation vessel and now pitch your yeast.

Wait a week (give or take a day or so), while the yeast does what it needs to do and turns your sugar water into alcohol.

Once fermentation is finished, you can keg your seltzer ready to enjoy.

Here's a great video from beerco.com.au with a bit more detail! 

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