Christmas Corporate Gifts 2022

Christmas is a time to stand out, not only to your customers but to your staff too.

What better way to do this than with branded mini kegs that ensure your B2B customers/clients and your staff enjoy their Christmas break with cold bevvies on tap! And the best part? Your brand will be there too, helping to celebrate Christmas and then New Year, with a reusable, eco-friendly product that will set you apart from your customers.


Corporate Gift Options

We have a range of options for you to choose from:

Why choose iKegger for your Corporate Gifts?

It's no secret that clients are sick of the tacky plastic branded gifts. No one needs another branded magnet or a pack of old jelly beans with a logo printed on it. It is time to make conscious decisions on your corporate gifts for staff and clients that are reusable and environmentally friendly, and let's be honest something that will actually get used.

iKegger is a great choice to boost your brand and corporate social responsibility because our products will help you to:

  • Stand out from the crowd and become a positive talking point for both your clients and staff.
  • Choose a product that suits everyone, iKegger vessels can be used for any drink. You can serve beer, kombucha, nitro coffee, stout, wine, cordial, sparking water... you name it!
  • Reduce waste through your clients and staff actually using the corporate Christmas gifts you purchase for them for years to come with your brand.
  • Help to associate your brand with the good times that iKegger creates, from house parties to cold drinks on a hot summer's day, to nights in drinking cocktails and sports games with beers. 
  • Be fun and memorable! It's very Australian to catch up with friends and family and chat over drinks, whether it's good Aussie home brew, kombucha, creamy nitro coffee or a refreshing seltzer any drink can be dispensed using iKegger.
  • Buy local and help small local businesses. We have a map of filling venues that iKegger customers can visit to get beer refills, helping to boost revenue streams for the hospitality industry. 

How to Buy iKegger Corporate Gifts for Christmas

If you would like to buy iKegger kegs you can sign up for a Wholesale Account to receive discounted mini kegs and taps that only have an iKegger logo. Our wholesale catalogue details all our pricing and discount tiers for bulk purchases, however, give us a call if your first purchase puts you in the higher tier and we'll make sure you get the best discount based on your spend.

For branded kegs orders need to be a minimum of 48 mini-kegs, but you can choose a range of sizes (growler, 2,4,5 and 10L). Then choose which taps you would like to purchase (they are all compatible with mini kegs, the growler is cap only), or you can just have them with the standard screw cap.

If you would like to put in an order for bulk branded mini kegs for your corporate customers and staff then the quickest and easiest way to order branded corporate gifts for clients is to phone us on 0497 589 335 or email info@ikegger.com.

Happy iKegger Corporate Customers

Below you will see a range of our branded kegs that we have created for our B2B clients.

iKegger-Branded-Corporate-Gifts-MiniKeg iKegger-Branded-Corporate-Gifts-MiniKeg iKegger-Branded-Corporate-Gifts-MiniKeg
iKegger-Branded-Corporate-Gifts-MiniKeg iKegger-Branded-Corporate-Gifts-MiniKeg iKegger-Branded-Corporate-Gifts-MiniKeg


How-To Guides, Videos and Product Support

All our mini keg products are shipped with a manual that provides instructions on how to use the iKegger gear. We also have a very extensive range of videos on YouTube that showcase everything that can be done with iKegger from daisy-chaining kegs, to getting them filled at breweries and connecting them up to home brew systems.

Your corporate clients and staff can always give us a call too if they have any questions, we are always happy to help. Our direct number is 0497 589 335 for any queries and product support.

Order your corporate branded kegs now to ensure prompt delivery prior to Christmas.

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