iKegger - The perfect festival companion? Tropfest Sydney Trial

iKegger - The perfect festival companion? Tropfest Sydney Trial

We love festivals!

The atmosphere at nearly any festival is something that needs to be felt, being surrounded by thousands of happy people in a park listening to music, watching short films, seeing art installations, whatever it is is lost by sitting at home watching it on TV.

Unfortunately there is always a few downsides, waiting in lines forever for food and drink or if you bring your own, carting eskies and ice to and from the park and dealing with all the rubbish at the end of the day.

So four of us decided to do it in style on the Sunday just gone. We bought a case of delicious craft beer from Barnys in Alexandria and filled 4 of our Growlers with a 6 pack each. We carried one each to Centennial Park at around 3pm after a backyard bbq to settle in for an afternoon of music and the world's biggest short film festival Tropfest!

Traditionally if we had each wanted to carry a 6 pack (rather than 1 person struggling along with a case of beer) there we would have needed 4 small eskies each with ice and 6 glass bottles with an approximate weight of 7-8kg each. As it was we each carried a virtually unbreakable, sexy steel bottle with a total weight of 2.6kg and a convenient handle / shoulder strap.

iKegger Growler with shoulder strap

We checked the temperature of the beer after we filled the iKegger and it was a perfect 5  deg and 36 deg in our back courtyard! 

Starting temperature 5 degC

We ran a timelapse while we had a bbq lunch just to be sure we weren't going to be disappointed when we got to the festival...

We weren't, 3 hours later it had gone up by 0.3 degrees (in fact it went up and down the whole time so it could have been exactly the same!)

So we headed off to the festival and had a great day! We had ice cold beer all evening, didn't have to carry an esky back, no dipping your hand in ice water to get a beer, no rubbish scattered everywhere at the end to clean up... All in all a perfect afternoon!


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Sounds like a great concept. Well done!

Steve Hegarty

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