Complete Mini Beer Kegging Kits | iKegger Bundle Deals

Complete Mini Beer Kegging Kits | iKegger Bundle Deals

We have just released our new range of bundle kits. We have based these on what our customers have been most frequently buying together and all include at least one of our Growlers or Mini Kegs with a compatible tapping system and a box of CO2 canisters to go with it. 

With kit capacities ranging from 2L to 20L you will be ready for any occasion, whether it's a couple of quiet beers after work or a weekend away with friends or family. 

Our growlers and mini kegs can be filled at thousands of venues around Australia and the world (we ship internationally) keep scrolling down to see a map with some of them.

Our systems are also great for homebrewers who want to get into kegging without needing to buy commercial kegs, kegerator, CO2 bottles, beer lines and tapping systems. Our kegs fit easily into your fridge, taking up half the space of bottles and the tapping system is fully self contained and portable. For these reasons it's also great for homebrewers who already keg their beer but want a portable system for taking to friends places etc.

Save yourself the headaches of bottling day, simply use our stainless steel 4 or 5L kegs with high quality silicon sealed steel screw caps and be done in minutes. Add one of our premium taps to your package and you can force carbonate too! Plus the fittings on our Double Ender Tap Kit are standard ball lock disconnects so they easily integrate into your current system or if you upgrade in the future you have the tap / portable regulator already.



Check out just some of the venues around Australia and New Zealand filling our products below:


They are the ideal gift for a craft beer lovers and homebrewers but it doesn't stop there.

Our kegging systems are also great for mixed drinks and cocktails, how about turning up to a party with a 2L mini keg pouring perfect espresso martinis? Run out of mixers? Make soda water in minutes! Want to take rum and coke to a party? Mix it up beforehand the way you like it and it will stay cold all night in one of our insulated growlers without ice or esky. No more fishing around in ice water looking for the can someone has already pinched!

Espresso martini with ikegger

Click the packages below for more information and get kegging!

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