The Henson | Marrickville | Family Friendly, Great Food, iKegger Sales and Filling

The Henson | Marrickville | Family Friendly, Great Food, iKegger Sales and Filling

The Henson

This sister pub to The Trinity Bar in Surry Hills is a fantastic find in the inner west Sydney suburb of Marrickville. With an all day kitchen serving house made hearty food, 17 taps of craft beer (all of which they will fill your iKegger growler with for takeaway tap beer) and around 300 seats this sprawling heritage pub has something for everyone.

The Henson | Marrickville | Front

The back courtyard has plenty of little areas for your group, whether it is 2, 4 or 20 of you and it's own little bar so you don't even need to go inside once you find your spot.

The Henson | Courtyard

A kids playroom decorated with Mr Men in a separate building to the pub connected to the back courtyard gives a very family atmosphere with families able to come and leave via a back gate without walking through the bar. 

The Henson | Marrickville | Playroom

Food wise there is plenty of good quality hearty food in large portion sizes at reasonable prices (again having a separate kids menu enhances the family inclusive atmosphere) The kitchen is open from 11am everyday till approx 9.30pm depending on the day of the week. I had the "Knuckle Sandwich" which was a good sized slab of house smoked brisket with slaw and pickles in rye bread and was very impressed. All the flavours were matched well with nothing overpowering the other ingredients (I've been a chef for 15 years and as simple as good pub grub should be it is often wrecked by getting the wrong ratios of ingredients). My only comment would be to put the meat on the bottom of the sandwich so the bread didn't go as soggy from the slaw before the customer gets it. Saying that I don't even have a picture of it as i demolished it before i could even think of it!

Check out the menu that was available when we went here

The service was quick and friendly (order at the bar and it get dropped at your table. I loved their serve yourself condiments shelves which were stocked with a dazzling array of sauces from the standard mustard to smoked jerk and "WARNING HOT SAUCE" along with an interesting array of spiced and herb sea salt flakes.

Around the corner from the front bar is their "Grocery & Grog" shop which is definitely a surprise the first time you walk in. They stock an impressive array of cheeses, dips, smoked and cured meats and all the sauces from the bar selection. All of it is available in the venue as well (look for the small menus on the tables). Continue through the grocery section and you will find a well provisioned bottle shop with the iKegger range of mini kegs and growlers on display (The Henson is a stockist of our entire range, you can check them out and purchase on site and get them filled with beer while you are at it!)

The Henson manages to nail it in so many ways, it is at the same time an old mans sports pub, a hipsters craft beer haven, a family day out and just a great spot for a quick beer, coffee, meal or just to grab some supplies for a delicious spread at home.

If you want to see some more pictures of this venue check out our website, nearly all of our product pictures of the beer growlers and mini kegs were taken on site at The Henson!

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