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23L Budget Home Brew Keg Package

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23L Budget Home Brew Keg Package

This kit includes a self contained 4L mini keg package for carbonating and dispensing, along with a 19L cornelius keg for storage.
 It also includes a daisy chain connection to join them together or transfer brew from one to the other and enough gas cartridges to carbonate and dispense a 23L home brew batch.

The 23L Home Brew Keg Package

  • A 19L Cornelius keg with ball lock posts for gas and liquid and a pressure bleed valve or a conical fermenter with the same connections.
  • A 4L "Johnson" mini keg made of 304 stainless steel with a 5 year warranty
  • The stainless steel forward sealing tap kit
  • The professional quality mini regulator for using 16g and 25g disposable CO2 bulbs 
  • A remote gas line so you can have the regulator not connected directly to the keg.
  • 10 x 16g CO2 canisters
  • The stainless steel double ball lock spear (the part that screws into the top of the keg) with Cornelius style posts for gas and liquid plus a bleed valve.
  • A daisy link kit to attach the 4L keg to a 19L keg (or fermenter) for transferring beer from one keg to another. 
  • YOu can leave them linked so the small keg is always full and ready to take on adventures if you have a fridge to hold them. Alternatively, you can just fill the smaller keg from the larger one when needed and keep it on your kitchen fridge.

Download the information package about this kit by clicking here 




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