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Snub Nose 35L - Gen 3 | Dry Hop Port & Thermowell

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New Version:

Now includes a dry hop port allowing the hygienic and easy adding of dry hops during fermentation!

Also including a stainless steel thermowell for taking the temperature of your brew where it matters, at the centre of the liquid!

Thermowell also acts as a guide for the dip tube, keeping it centred in the vessel.

  • Use the drop down menu to add a heavily insulated sleeve for regulating temperature while brewing and also preventing light strike from damaging the beer.

Still has the original features

  • 35L capacity
  • Concial shape for collecting trub with minimal contact with the wort
  • Steel frame with carry handles
  • Pressure capable up to 35psi
  • Use with a spunding valve to use CO2 produced during ferment to carbonate your beverage.
  • Floating dip tube so you get the clearest part of your brew, the top.Fermenter King - 35L Snub Nose v3

We have stocked the Fermentasaurus, we have stocked the Fermzillas.

Honestly both of them have their flaws and most of those come from the dump valve at the base.

Don't get me wrong, we love the idea of being able to dump out the trub and save the yeast and the dry hopping through the collection jar etc.

But at the end of the day in our personal opinion (and after dealing with a lot of customer issues with them) we believe that it is actually much easier just to get a second pressure vessel without a dump valve and transfer the brew across leaving the trub behind to do what you want with. You can go straight to keg or to another vessel to dry hop and age in.

Want to dry hop in the same vessel at the end of fermentation without using the hop port? Grab a hop bag and 2 magnets, put one in the bag with the hops and use the other on the outside of the Snub Nose to hold it up out of the way near the top of the fermenter till you're ready to dunk them in. Easy, effective, no chance of oxygen or bacteria contaminating and definitely no chance of blocked valves, stuck threads, etc.

Considering these are half the price of the full-featured Saurus or Zilla it isn't crazy to get 2 and you can also use one of the 20L Fermenter Jrs or an ordinary keg for it too.

We love that these fit inside a kegerator fridge for temperature control, we love they have the floating dip tube and ball lock posts you have to pay extra for on the Zilla and Saurus and we love that they fit 30L brews in a compact space.

Win-Win in our opinion. 


Volume - 35L

Pressure rated lid - 35psi pressure release valve 

Working pressure - 35 psi

Burst pressure - Above 100 psi

Max temperature - 50 deg C

Test pressure - 70 psi

Height - 79 cm

Diameter - 37.5 cm

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Chris W.
Australia Australia
Great Product

Great product. Dispatched and delivered quickly. Very happy.

Tom H.
Australia Australia
Great Quality Product and Very Easy to Use

I found this product great so far. Completed my first brew in the Snub Nose. I located the original manual for the product which was extremely handy to understand how to put it together. This would be great to include with all purchased products. Overall all the gear from ikegger has been great and high quality. You can see the understanding they have with packing a custom base system, which is what my purchase was with limited storage and not wanting to purchase an additional fridge. Not simple when brewing 21L at a time. I used the Coopers Lager tin for the first brew and it has been a good success with carbonation already visible from the first fermentation. Highly recommended.

Terry I.
Australia Australia
Snub Nose - Brilliant

For anybody new to entering into the home brew world to see if they enjoy it before potentially spending serious money, this Snub Nose is the perfect fermentation vessel. Also having little room to set up was important and this takes up very little space. The team at iKegger really assisted in understanding I was new to this and set me up with all the product and especially the knowledge to feel confident in producing my own beer. I think a second one is not too far off. Thanks iKegger Team

iKegger Snub Nose 35L - Gen 3 | Dry Hop Port & Thermowell Review


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