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Premium Jockey Box With Cocktail Pouring Add-Ons

Size Guide

Any Drink, Anywhere!

  • Dual stainless steel flow control taps
  • Professional quality mini regulator with dual gas outlets to allow running 2 kegs of beer, cider etc at the same time
  • SodaStream gas bottle adapter to allow dispensing up to 100L of drink while out without switching gas bottles.
  • One nitrogen bulb injector and stout spout for pouring coffee and cocktails from one keg if you choose
  • Waeco Cooler (Up to 10 day ice retention!)
  • Stainless steel 2 tap font and drip tray
  • 2 x Stainless steel 5L kegs
  • All stainless or push fitting connections for easy cleaning and assembly
  • The font and drip tray can be removed and fit inside with the kegs fro transport and storage.

You can have a rum and coke and a beer on tap anywhere, an espresso martini and a cider. You can also daisy chain external 19L kegs into the 5L internal keg and have a real party!


Keg Size Guide
 Vessel Name (Volume) Height Diameter 330ml Bottle Equivalent 
"Bieber" (2L) 20cm 13.5cm


"Growler" (2L) - Insulated 30.5cm 13 cm 6
"Johnson" (4L) 33cm 13.5cm 12
"BBW Growler" (4L)- Insulated 35cm 15.5cm 12
"Choad" (5L) 26cm 17.5cm 15
"Mandingo" (10L) 50cm 17.5cm 30
"Dominator" (19L) 63cm 22cm 57
"UniTank" (35L) 90cm 38cm Up to 90
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