Party Keg Tap Tower | Hand Pump Or CO2 Regulator

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iKegger Tower Tap: Your Perfect Weekend or Long-Term Pouring Solution!

Whether you're heading off-grid for the weekend or want the simplest way to dispense a keg you've got your hands on at home, this is it.

The iKegger Tower Tap is your go-to for easy, hassle-free keg dispensing. Screwing straight onto standard keg couplers you can use it on nearly any commercial-style keg.  If you grab an A, D & S type coupler you can switch the tap tower between them and use it on any keg you can get your hands on. From a 10L or 20L Kegswappa crafty to 30L of Asahi, or 50L of Great Northern, VB or XXXX. This tap offers versatility with style!

Key Features:

  • Get Pumped For A Party: Going to get through the keg in a weekend and don't want to mess around with CO2 tanks? No worries! The included manual pump works just like a bicycle pump. Just a few pushes, and you're pouring like a pro.

  • Savour The Flavour: Planning to stretch your keg over more than a weekend? Use the drop-down to include an iKegger 2.0 mini-regulator. a remote gas line with an adapter for Sodastream gas bottlesand a 5/8" ball lock postthat goes onto the gas post of the coupler so you can connect the regulator to the keg. Using CO2 instead of air will maintain that perfect carbonation and freshness for the long haul. Use either disposable bulbs, swappable Sodastream gas bottles, or get an optional adapter for even larger refillable gas options (better for the environment and your pocket after the initial investment).

  • Chill 'n Pour: No electricity? No problem! Chuck your keg in a tub of ice, and you're good to go.

  • Ergonomic Design: Crafted for comfort, our tap makes every pour a breeze.

  • No Extra Gadgets Needed: No CO2 cylinder? No electricity? No drama! Our tower tap doesn’t need 'em.

Things to Note:

  • You can get the tower alone or with a coupler to suit your keg. You can add additional couplers to suit future kegs you may get so you are prepare for anything.

  • The tap tower comes as standard with the manual pump. This pumps air instead of CO2 into the keg, so plan to finish it off within 48 hours to keep things fresh.

  • Alternatively, add the regulator for an almost-as-portable dispensing option using pressurised CO2.  This'll keep your precious beer fresh and frothy for weeks.

So, if you're looking for a flexible, easy-to-use tap that matches your casual or extended keg-drinking needs, our iKegger Tower Tap has got you covered! Cheers! 🍻