Miracle Box 2.0 | Any Drink, On Tap In Style!

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Included in the package

2 x 5L stainless steel mini kegs

2 x iKegger 2.0 push button tap systems

2 x Premium stainless steel flow control taps

2 x Sparkler spouts for the taps for perfect nitro coffee, stout, and cocktail pouring.

2 x iKegger 2.0 multi-gas regulators so you can have 2 x carbonated drinks, 2 x nitro drinks or one of each on tap at any point.

Remote gas line and SodaStream adapter for pouring up to 100L of carbonated drinks (like beer) using swappable 400g SodaStream gas bottles.

Premium Dometic 33L cooler (Up to 5-day ice retention!)

Stainless steel 2-tap font that simply bolts to cooler top when needed.

All stainless and/or push-fitting connections for easy cleaning and assembly

Everything fits inside the cooler with the kegs for transport and storage.

You can have a rum and coke and a beer on tap anywhere, an espresso martini and a cider. You can connect external 50L commerical kegs or 20L homebrew style kegs through the internal 5L kegs to serve cold drinks from rrom temperature kegs (or for fast service at events have them in a bucket of ice) (you will need to add 50l keg couplers to suit the kegs you get).