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Fresh Wort Kits: The Easiest Way To Brew Great Beer!

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See this link for instruction on how easy it is to brew a wort kit. Basically all you have to do is pour the kit into a fermenter, add 3L of water if you'd like a normal 4.5-4.8% ABV or not add any if you want a stonger 5.6% ABV. Sprinkle some dry yeast on top and seal. If using one of our pressure fermenters then just click on a spunding valve and after 4-7 days your beer is ready. Just chill and drink. The flavour will improve with some aging but in these uncertain times...

You will need a yeast to brew these with. Most of them are recommended to do with Safale US-05 which you can find on this link.

Pale Ale
A very light coloured pale ale brewed with 7% flaked rice. Hopped with Cascade and Hort 4337, a new tropical style hop from New Zealand. Moderately bittered with plenty of late, and whirlpool hopping. Mashed at 67 degrees. Recommended dried yeast is Safale US-05 or similar. Dry hopping is recommended at 2 to 3 grams per litre with Hort 4337 or any other tropical flavoured hop.

Black Lager
A smooth and malty Central European style black lager. Brewed with Pilsener and Munich malts, German dark crystal malt, and black malt. For smoothness, the black malt was prepared separately with a 24 hour cold water infusion. Mashed at 66 degrees. Bitterness of 22 IBU has been achieved using Magnum and Hallertau. Optional dry hop with Hallertau.The recommended yeast is Saflager W-34/70 (if you can ferment at lager temperatures of around 14deg C) alternatively brew as an ale. For a sweeter finish use  Safale S-04 or for a drier finish use Safale US-05.

Wheat Beer
A Bavarian style wheat beer mashed warm at 68 degrees with equal amounts of barley and wheat malts. Hopped to about 20 IBU with Hallertau. Ferment with Safale WB-06 for the classic Bavarian flavour. Can be brewed as a wheaten ale using Safale US-05, or as a saison with the appropriate yeast.

American Pale Ale
A classic American style pale ale. Brewed with ale, Munich and crystal malts. Mashed at 66/67 degrees. Hopped to 35 IBU @ 20 litres with Chinook and  Cascade. Recommended yeast Safale US-05


A pale and hazy XPA with plenty of Hort 4337 from New Zealand added late in the boil, and in two whirlpool additions. Malts: Pilsner, ale, flaked oats Mash temperature: 67°C. Hopping: 21 IBU, Hort 4337 and Cascade. Recommended yeast: Safale US-05, Lallemand New England East Coast or BRY-97

A pale golden Cologne style ale. Brewed with pilsener and Vienna malts. Hopping is Hallertau  to about 20 IBU when made up to 20 litres. Mashed at 67-68 degrees. Ferment with Safale K-97, a dry finishing German ale yeast, or US-05. It can also be brewed as a lager and comes up well with a yeast such as Saflager W-34/70

A golden Czech style Pilsner brewed using Pilsner and Munich malts with a dash of Carapils. Mashed at 67 degrees. Hopped to about 38 IBU with plenty of late Saaz. For dried yeasts the recommended yeast is Saflager W-34/70, otherwise Safale S-04 for a sweeter finish, Danstar Nottingham for a drier finish. Any Pilsener strain liquid yeast will also be good.  Optional dry hop with Saaz or Tettnamg.

Stout & Porter

Brew undiluted for 17L of dark rich stout or dilute up at 20L for a lighter porter style. Malts: Ale, amber, brown black. Mash temperature: 66°C. Hopping: 40 IBU, East Kent Goldings and Magnum. Yeast - US-05

Amarillo Ale

A golden ale,, slightly sweet with light toasty maltiness. Plenty of Amarillo hops late in the boil. Malts: Ale, pale, Vienna, and pale crystal Mash temperature: 67°C. Hopping: 38 – 40 IBU, straight Amarillo in five additions Recommended yeast: Safale US-05, Lallemand BRY-97 or similar well attenuating American yeast Modifications: Dry hop with Amarillo at 2 to 3 grams per litre. Can be brewed undiluted as an IPA.

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    Margaret H.
    Margaret Henning

    Hi Team , I actually bought the Ikegger kit for my husband for Christmas and I must tell you he LOVES brewing his own beer .. Thankyou for supplying your product it’s a great product and as my husband says “it’s a bloody beauty “


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