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The Premium 23L Home Brew Keg Package w Fermentasaurus

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23L Premium Home Brew Package

This kit makes it super easy to ferment, store and tap your beer. 
It has a top of the range self contained 4L mini keg with all steel connections, a professional quality mini regulator and a premium stainless steel flow control tap.
This combined with a 19L keg and a Fermentasauras conical fermenter, a daisy chain connection to join them together, 10 x 16g disposable gas canisters and an insulation sleeve with shoulder strap for mobility plus a 400g sodastream refillable CO2 bottle for carbonation and pouring at home means you are ready for anything.
Get both the fermenter and the 19L keg and you can have one beer ageing in the fermenter while you are drinking one from the keg or 2 beers on tap simultaneously.

The 23L Home Brew Keg Package

Includes Our Highest Quality Components

  • A 19L Cornelius keg with ball lock posts for gas and liquid and a pressure bleed valve and/or a conical fermenter with the same connections
  • A 4L "Johnson" mini keg made of 304 stainless steel with a 5 year warranty
  • The "Intertap" stainless steel forward sealing tap with additional stout spout and flow control for the perfect pour every time.
  • The professional quality mini regulator with adaptor for 16g disposable CO2 canisters
  • 10 x 16g CO2 canisters
  • Adapter for soda stream bottle and a refillable 400g soda stream gas bottle.
  • The stainless steel double ball lock spear (the part that screws into the top of the keg) with Cornelius style posts for gas and liquid plus a bleed valve.
  • Stainless steel disconnects for liquid and gas to attach the tap and regulator to the spear (5 year warranty)
  • A daisy link kit to attach the 4L keg to a 19L keg for transferring beer (the 19L keg has the same connections built in to it as the double ball lock spear for the mini keg) 
  • An insulation sleeve for the 4L keg with shoulder strap for easy carrying

 Download an information sheet about this package here





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