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Complete Home Brew Beer Package | With Or Without Ingredients

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  • This kit is the easiest possible way to brew great beer quickly and easily.
  • If you get the fresh wort kits all the hard work has been done for you by a great local brewer with professional equipment and top quality produce.
  • There is no bottling involved, and no waiting for carbonation either thanks to the latest pressure fermentation and kegging equipment being included.
  • With the wort kits you get everything you need to make up to 46L of top quality beer (139 stubbies!)
  • Without the wort kits you still have a complete package for sanitising, brewing, kegging, carbonating and transporting your beer, cider or other carbonated beverage (kombucha for instance) and then serving it on tap.

This Package Is Large and Heavy (Over 50kg if you get the wort kits).

It Is Not Available For Free Shipping Sorry. If You Are Not Picking Up From Sydney Warehouse You Will Be Billed For Shipping Cost.

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  1. Sanitise everything with included sanitiser (you can use it for household surfaces and even fruit and veg too!)
  2. Pour the ready made all grain drum of wort into the fermenter and sprinkle yeast in before closing lid.
  3. Wait 3-7 days
  4. Chill the fermenter, attach the tap and drink your beer!
  5. Alternatively transfer the beer to the included 20L keg and chill that while you put the next batch on to brew
    • The flavour will improve with aging for a week so extra storage kegs can be purchased for $60 each if you want more.
  6. After this initial purchase of equipment and ingredients (which makes 120 stubbies for $4.77 each) your future beers cost $0.91 AT THE MOST (If you reused your yeast and did an extract brew you could make beer in this equipment for $0.21 each stubby!)



You get 2 of his fresh wort kits (Pat from Caseys brewery has done everything required to make a great beer up to the point of adding yeast. You simply pour one of the 17L drums into the pressure fermenter, top with 3L of water if you want a normal strength beer (don't add if you want a stronger beer or add 6L if you want a mid strength) and sprinkle some yeast on top, screw on the lid and wait 3-7 days.

Due to it being a pressurisable fermenter the CO2 produced during fermentation also carbonates the beer. After a couple of days you can transfer the beer to the included keg and chill it (if you don't have space in the fridge we've included a waterproof, insulated backpack that it fits in that you can pack with ice or ice bricks)

Once the beer is transferred to the keg you can give the fermenter a clean (cleaning products and sanitiser are also included) and put the next wort kit in to brew while you drink the keg.

Once you get through that beer just hit us up for another 2 pack of the wort with included yeast (there is a rotating selection of wort available depending on what Pat is making in the brewery) and you'll only be paying $110 for 5 cases of craft beer!

We provide a disposable gas bottle that has enough gas to dispense around 300L of carbonated beer (you can also use it make your own carbonated water, sodas, dispense spirit and mixers etc). A replacement bottle is $80 and you'll need one every 8 brews.

The sanitiser and cleaner is enough for at least 20 brews and only costs $29 for a set of replacement cleaner, sanitiser, lubricant and o-rings.

So after the initial purchase of this kit (which includes 5 cases of beer) making your own will cost 10min of your time and $33 per case!



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