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Complete Cold Brew Package - Brew, Serve, Clean (includes coffee too!)

Size Guide

These packages include everything you need to have delicious nitro coffee on tap at home, in your office or at your business.

The only thing you need to choose is how big you want your keg to be.

  • The 4L keg is ideal for home or office use. The slim shape of the keg allows it to fit in some larger fridge doors or lie down easily on any fridge shelf in slightly more space than a wine bottle would take up.
  • The 4L insulated growler is perfect if it will be on display or out of the fridge for extended periods. It will keep the contents cold without ice or refrigeration for up to 10 hours.
  • The 5L keg is perfect for cool boxes, it's shorter but wider body means you are able to fit it upright in many sizes of cool boxes.
  • The 10L keg is perfect for larger consumption and great for coffee carts, cafes, small bars (this system makes perfect espresso martini on tap!) etc.

All the packages include:

  • A keg system with premium stainless steel tap and connections that allow it to be disconnected at any time (including while full and pressurised for ease of transport, storage and shaking).
  • A simple to use nitrogen bulb injection system, simply screw in a bulb, shake and start pouring.
  • a 10 pack of nitrous oxide bulbs, enough to dispense about 20-30L depending on the vessel size.
  • A specially designed brew bucket with a raised platform to allow the grounds to drain, a tap to dispense the brewed coffee into the keg (or direct to glass).
  • A 5 pack of reusable 20 micron nylon coffee filter bags custom made for the bucket.
  • A keg care package that includes cleaner, sanitiser, lubricant to extend the life of seals and a spare set of seals too.
  • 1 kg of specially selected single origin coffee that has been roasted and ground specifically for our equipment by Schibello Caffee Roasters


Keg Size Guide
 Vessel Name (Volume) Height Diameter 330ml Bottle Equivalent 
"Bieber" (2L) 20cm 13.5cm


"Growler" (2L) - Insulated 30.5cm 13 cm 6
"Johnson" (4L) 33cm 13.5cm 12
"BBW Growler" (4L)- Insulated 35cm 15.5cm 12
"Choad" (5L) 26cm 17.5cm 15
"Mandingo" (10L) 50cm 17.5cm 30
"Dominator" (19L) 63cm 22cm 57
"UniTank" (35L) 90cm 38cm Up to 90