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Cold Brew Coffee - iKegger - Schibello Collaboration Blend

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We have sourced this coffee specifically for its suitability for use in our cold brew systems from our friends at Schibello Caffee Roasters.

The folks at Schibello have been buying Nitro equipment off us for years to place into the cafes that they supply coffee to. From that experience and much testing has come this particular single origin coffee, roasted and ground to perform perfectly in our systems.

It is from Ethiopia and has a beautiful smooth flavour profile with butterscotch and gentle citrus notes.

One 250g pack is enough to make 3L of cold brew (depending on your taste, for stronger use less water). It will last for a week in one of our 4 or 5L kegs in the fridge so you can brew once and then just help yourself all week at home or office)

One 1kg pack is enough to make 12L of cold brew (the iKegger Brew Bucket can make 9L at a time, which is the perfect amount for the 10L keg and will provide 38 x 8oz serves for your cafe, office or coffee cart)



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