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Coffee Bags | Cold Brew Coffee Bags | Corvus Brew

Size Guide

Coffee Bags | What and Why?

These are basically giant tea bags custom created for us to be the ideal cold brew base for nitro coffee on tap!

  • The Blackfeather blend has been exclusively designed for iKegger and packaged into 4×100g 'Brew Bags' to make your cold brew experience at home not only succulent but hassle-free with no mess.
  • Blackfeather is a 2 bean blend made with a Yellow Catuai and a Red Catuai from 3rd and 4th generation farmers Jozoe do Carmo and Eduardo Tozi. Both farms are family operated, with the green beans sourced through direct trade agreements ensuring transparency and fairness.
  • This coffee has been delicately cared for and produced by hand on these family-run farms and is clearly evident in every drop of this winey, rich dark chocolate blend with subtle notes of orange blossom.
  • We have individually dosed, blended, and ground each brew pack to ensure the optimum balance of flavour in each coffee bag you brew.
  • One pack includes 400g of cold brew ground coffee (4x100g). It's up to you if you make 1L, 2L, 3L or 4L at a time.

Coffee Bag With 2L Nitro Keg

Coffee Bag | Directions For Use

For Straight Cold Brew Coffee

  • Take one coffee brew bag from pack and place it into a brew jar. A single brew bag will produce about 1 litre of cold brew coffee.
  • Add 1 litre of filtered water at room temperature.
  • Gently agitate to ensure grind saturation.
  • Leave mixture to brew for 14 to 16 hours.
  • Once brew is complete, remove coffee bag and add filtered water to taste.

For Nitro Infused Cold Brew Coffee

  • Make sure prepared cold brew is chilled thoroughly.
  • Fill brew into keg and make sure to leave at least 0.8 litres empty room for the nitrogen to inject into.
  • Screw on ball lock spear and inject one N2 or N2O bulb.
  • Let sit in fridge. N2O will be absorbed into the liquid quickly, pure nitrogen/N2 will take a couple of hours.
  • Attach tap liquid post on ball lock spear, pour and enjoy!


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