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We Have Beaten 10 Years Of Rally Fund Raising Records To Get $6,700 In Less Than The First Week... Let's Make It $10,000!

Please forward this page to anyone you know affected by cancer using the links below the "ADD TO CART" button or by copying the address bar into an email / message

PLEASE don't use PAYPAL to buy tickets, it is against their terms to sell raffle tickets through them and may result in our account being suspended!

This raffle will be drawn once we sell 200 tickets or on the 16th of Aug, whichever comes first.

Cancer Council Fundraiser 3 | Win A Premium Nitro Cocktail / Coffee Package!

Cancer Council and Shitbox Rally Raffle No. 3 - Premium Cocktail and Coffee Package

The previous 4 winners have been: Lawrence Davis, Trevor Fry, Robert Harrison and Jon Holmes

Normal Price for this package is $469

The iKegger Nitro System

  • The premium stainless stout tap is a vertically sealing design specifically made for stout and nitro beverages. It is easier to control the flow with, harder to accidently bump, locks in on and off position and looks cool.
  • A 75 psi safety pressure release
  • A gas bulb inlet valve with bulb cover

The 4L Insulated Growler

  • Stays cold all day, fill in the morning and drink in the evening
  • You need to leave about 750ml of the volume empty as you need space for the gas to inject into.

Includes a 10pack of gas bulbs, cleaning products and a 750ml Evachill wine cooler.

So iKegger will be competing in The Shit Box Rally!

  • We need to raise $5000 in sponsorship or donations to be able to enter and all proceeds go to the Cancer Council.
  • The idea is to make it from Perth to Sydney via Uluru over rough dirt roads in a car worth no more than $1000 which we buy ourselves.
  • Approx 250 cars will be in the rally and all those that make it are auctioned off and that money also given to the Cancer Council.
  • This is Cancer Council Australia biggest independant fundraising event of the year.
  • The goal for this year is to hit $2 million for cancer research.
  • By buying a ticket for $20 you go in the draw to win a premium coffee / cocktail package worth $369
  • A couple of things about payment, we are donating all the proceeds of this to the charity except bank fees. Please do not use Afterpay or PayPal as they charge a large fee and this will reduce the amount actually going to charity.
  • Paypal does not allow raffle ticket sales in their terms and conditions so please don't pay with that especially.

Note: Buying a raffle ticket is not a tax deductible donation. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can directly using the button below. You will receive a tax reciept for your donation in either your personal name or business name.