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Cancer Council Fundraiser 2 | Win A Complete Jockey Box!

The Winners Were: Lawrence Davis & Trevor Fry

The iKegger Jockey Box

Prize Draw No. 2 For Cancer Council and Shitbox Rally

Please Do Not Pay With Paypal Or Afterpay - It is against their terms of service!

  • Prize will be drawn like last time, as soon as the tickets (150) sell out.
  • This is a complete jockey box with 2 x refillable 5L stainless steel kegs inside.
  • Each keg has it's own high quality mini regulator and is connected to a chrome brumby tap on the outside of the Willow Cooler.
  • Each keg can also be removed and used on it's own with an included picnic tap.
  • Just fill the kegs with your favourite drink (you can fill them from bottles and leave the rubbish at home or fill at breweries / bars or with your favourite soft drink or mixed spirit)

Components Of This Jockey Box

  • 2 x 5L "Choad" Stainless Steel Kegs with Picnic Taps ($128 each)
  • 2 x Pro Quality Mini Regulators ($59 each)
  • 2 x 90mm Tap Shanks ($24 each)
  • 2 x Chromed Brass Brumby Beer Taps ($29 each)
  • 1 x Willow 33L Cooler ($35)
  • Assorted hoses, clamps and adapters ($20)

Total: $534

So iKegger will be competing in The Shit Box Rally as "Team Kegs n Legs"


  • We need to raise $5000 in sponsorship or donations to be able to enter (but are aiming for $10k minimum) and proceeds go to the Cancer Council
  • The idea is to make it from Perth to Sydney via Uluru over rough dirt roads in a car worth no more than $1000 which we buy ourselves.
  • Approx 250 cars will be in the rally and all those that make it are auctioned off and that money also given to the Cancer Council.
  • This is Cancer Council Australia's biggest independent fundraising event of the year.
  • The goal for this year is to hit $2 million for cancer research.
  • By buying a ticket for $20 you go in the draw to win a complete jockey box with 2 x 5L kegs inside!
  • A couple of things about payment, we are donating all the proceeds of this to the charity except bank fees. Please do not use Afterpay or PayPal as they charge a large fee and this will reduce the amount actually going to charity.
  • Paypal does not allow raffle ticket sales in their terms and conditions so please don't pay with it!

Shitbox Rally 2018 Video

Note: Buying a raffle ticket is not a tax deductible donation. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can directly using the button below. You will receive a tax reciept for your donation in either your personal name or business name.