The iKegger Hummer Deal

too many mini kegs!


We accidentally over ordered 96 of these little mini kegs with picnic tap systems and don't have space to store them. We want them sold ASAP so we aren't climbing over them for the next couple of months. So the first 96 customers to buy below are getting them at 30% OFF!  

They come standard with a single CO2 cartridge (enough to dispense about 4L of beer) but an extra 10 pack can be added below. 

They also come standard with a push button gas injector but you can upgrade to a set and forget regulator below that makes pouring beers a breeze for anyone.

Package options

Keg + Picnic Tap


This package includes a 2L stainless steel mini keg. It is stackable, unbreakable and you can fill it with homebrew, from bottles or at hundreds of growler filling venues around Australia. 

There is no better way to take a six pack with you!

Usually $94

Keg + Picnic Tap + Gas


The same equipment as the keg + tap package. You get your stainless steel tap and the plastic picnic tap which dispenses you beer at the push of a button using CO2 cartridges.

On top of that enough gas to dispense 40+ litres of beer!

Usually $119

Keg + Tap + Gas + Regulator


CO2 injectors are for suckers ;-) This package has a premium grade regulator so you can dispense beer after beer with one finger. 

The ultimate picnic keg and still half the weight of bottles!

Usually $178