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Testing A Mini Regulator

The mini regulator is the most delicate part of our systems. The rest of the system is pretty much bullet proof and will last for generations.

By it's nature with a lot of small moving parts and susceptibility to damage by liquid you do need to be more careful with your handling of the mini regulator.

This is a quick video on how to test yours is working correctly if you suspect you have an issue.

We should also add that there is the possibility of leaks from the the adapter where the gas screws in and around the bolt labelled 1.8k on the rear, these two can be fixed by tightening those nuts.

A large leak through the 1.8k bolt or the needle on the gauge being stuck at above 0 at rest (after removing the disconnect) is in nearly every case a result of screwing in or removing a gas source with the regulator turned on (clockwise). Even slightly turned on will do damage, don't do it!

A leak from under the black adjustment knob which you can find by using soapy water around the gap is manufacturing fault. We get this in about 1 in 500 regulators and is a warranty issue. Get in touch with us for a replacement if your regulator is under a year old in this case.


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