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Comparison Of The Options

growler for carbonated drinks, mini keg system

Carbonated Drinks

- Maintains the carbonation and freshness of your drink using CO2

- Expandable and compatible with standard homebrew gear

- Perfect for beer, cider, kombucha, homemade sodas etc

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Nitro Drinks

- Uses nitrogen or nitrous oxide bulbs to recreate a "shaken not stirred" drink.

- Guinness is the most famous nitro infused drink. Pour like an Irishman!

- Perfect for nitro coffee, espresso martinis and whiskey sours etc

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co2 mini keg growler system

Premium Nitro & CO2

- Gift boxed system using all premium components.

- Incudes 2 of each gas bulb & cleaning products so it's ready to use.

- Both Carbonated & Nitro packages combined

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party keg tap usb powered party pump

Battery Powered

- Easy, battery powered tap with push-button pouring. No gas needed.

- Perfect for parties, bbqs or anytime you will drink the keg within 48hrs.

- Perfect for carbonated or still drinks like beer, iced tea, cold brew coffee, G&T

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