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Filling iKeggers

Short answer is no, you don't. Our customers turn up with the keg sanitised and have their own CO2 source to flush it prior to filling. All you need is a bit of hose to fit over your tap so you can fill from the bottom of the keg to avoid splashing, foaming and oxygen contact. That being said the connection are standard ball lock posts (like 19l corny kegs) and they can be counter-pressure filled direct from bright tank, 50L keg or compatible tap. We can provide equipment to do this. See this video for an idea of how that works.

No, the customers know to arrive with them cleaned and sanitised. In most cases they will also be able to flush them with CO2 before you fill if you don't have a CO2 source at the taps.

Number one hint is chill the keg in your fridge 1st. With the lid off if it is an insulated keg. The cold steel will prevent foaming and you losing stock or the customer getting a half filled keg.

Yes, all our products are marked with a volume. This is the volume of the entire vessel to the neck.

Yes, you can with a minimum order volume. This is currently 48 units but we are intending to buy equipment so we can do smaller batches in the future.

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