Introducing iKegger 2.0

The ultimate refillable mini keg for any drink, anywhere.

Effortlessly switch between upright and sideways pouring.

Master pouring any drink perfectly in minutes at the push of a button.

Perfect portabilty using gas bulbs or swappable sodastream gas bottles.

For home use, reduce waste with cost-effective, eco-friendly gas refill options.

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Adapt to you situation with a simple twist of the spout. This feature adds unparalleled convenience to your beverage pouring experience, allowing you to effortlessly adapt to your serving needs.

Unlike other products that demand being upright to pour, requiring that you remove them from the fridge or remove the shelves to store them upright the 2.0 tap is designed to fit anywhere and still pour perfectly. Now, you can store more drinks without sacrificing precious fridge real estate.

Don't be fooled by its compact design! A 5L keg like the one pictured here in a 12v fridge can hold the equivalent of 12-15 beer bottles or an impressive 38 espresso martinis, making it perfect for any gathering or occasion.

Get Gassed... Your Way

iKegger 2.0 offers the freedom to switch between nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide effortlessly. Don't buy a nitro coffee keg and a beer keg, just switch the gas!

Embrace the ultimate convenience of swapping between disposable bulbs in mere seconds. With iKegger 2.0, your keg system becomes truly portable, allowing you to tap any drink, anywhere – perfect for your on-the-go adventures.

Discover the middle ground with swappable Sodastream gas bottles. These bottles are widely available, hold enough gas for a big weekend while still being more cost-effective than bulbs.

When you're at home, embrace the greener side of kegging with large refillable gas bottles. Refill them at a fraction of the cost of disposable bulbs, saving your wallet and reducing waste for a more sustainable planet.

Chilled Or Steaming All Day

The double-walled stainless steel construction of our premium black kegs provides excellent insulation, preventing heat from easily penetrating the vacuum barrier in either direction. Cold stays cold, hot stays hot.

See our YouTube channel for timelapse videos of our insulated kegs performance in extreme conditions! You can expect at least 8 hours of chilled drinks even on the hottest day.

iKegger 2.0 also excels at maintaining hot beverages. Imagine enjoying mulled wine in a winter wonderland, serving steaming coffee at events, or savoring a hot spiced rum on a chilly evening.

stainless steel 5l insulated mini keg system

Perfect Pour, Zero Stress

With the iKegger 2.0's exclusive design, pouring your favorite drink is as simple as pressing a button. No fussing with complicated setups that look like you need to be an engineer to use. Anyone can master a perfect pour in a matter of minutes.

Whether you want a delicate cascade of perfectly shaken espresso martini or a swift pint fill-up, Experience ultimate control over your pouring experience.

The iKegger 2.0 tap system is designed to cater to all your beverage preferences. From cocktails to beer, soft drinks to infused water, the system ensures a consistent pour every time, tailored to your specific drink.