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Homebrew Keg Packages

Budget 19L Home Brew Keg Package

Store entire small batches or most of a 23L batch in this 19L keg. Carbonate naturally or using gas pressure and dispense with a pluto gun. Only one vessel to wash instead of 50 odd bottles.

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Basic 23L Home brew Keg Package

23L of storage space (a 19L keg and a 4L keg) with a gas regulator and pluto gun tap. Forget bottling, keg a whole batch and have a small keg to take with you anywhere.

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Premium 23L Home Brew Keg Package

Like the 23L basic package with the addition of a stainless steel flow control tap, insulation sleeve, cleaning supplies and CO2 included. Our most popular home brew keg package.

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home brew system complete

Complete Brew, Store & Serve Package

A 30L pressure fermenter, a storage keg system for home and a portable mini keg system to take to mates places instead of bottles. Plus gas, testing and cleaning gear.

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Small Batch Brewing and Expansion Options

BrewDroid Compatible 10L Keg package

Choice of either 1 x 10L or 2 x 5L kegs with all the fittings and parts needed to clean and sanitise, keg from your BrewDroid, force carbonate it a few days and serve on tap.

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Bar Fridge Keg Package (2 x 10L Kegs)

Our 10L kegs fit into many bar fridges due to their slim design (in the space where a crisper drawer usually is). This package allows you to have 20L of beer on tap in your fridge.

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jockey box complete package

Jockey Box Package (2 x 5L Kegs)

Made using a high quality dometic cool box that will keep ice for days. It comes complete with 2 x 5L kegs, 2 x taps and a gas regulator. There is still space in the esky for some snacks / wine etc.

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home brew kegerator package

DIY Jockey Box or Kegerator Package

This package includes all you need to build a jockey box in an esky or a kegerator in your fridge or freezer. Just choose 1 or 2 taps and whether you want them door mounted or on a tap tower.

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