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Daily Coffee From A Cafe Is Expensive & Making It Yourself Takes Time...

Making Cocktails At A Party Is Messy, Time Consuming and Gets Harder After A Few...

Have Nitro Coffee Or Cocktails On Tap Anywhere With This Easy To Use Mini Keg System!

Normally this package would be $208.50 on our store however we have excess stock so are currently running a special price of $149!

The package includes everything you need to have cold brew coffee or cocktails on tap:

Original Design

Compact, high quality stainless steel mini keg and tap package will last forever. The insualtion sleeve keeps your drink cold and also has a convenient shoulder strap for taking it out and about with you.

High Quality Material

All major components are 304 grade stainless steel and have a 5yr warranty on them, a complete set of replacement seals and o-rings comes with the package for when those eventually wear out.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our products 100%. If you are not happy for any reason we will do anything we can to make you as excited about them as we are. If we can't we'll refund your money without hesitation. We pay for all return shipping if a product is faulty.

Cold Brew Nitro Coffee... What Is It?

  • Cold Brew Coffee is made the way it sounds, instead of pushing scalding hot pressurised water through tightly packed grounds as you do when making espresso you gently steep the grounds in cool water overnight and then strain. You can do this in a french press for small amounts or in the way in our video for larger volumes.
  • This produces a chilled coffee that is much less acidic and bitter but also higher in caffeine!
  • Cold brew coffee can be drunk as is but for a lovely creamy mouthfeel and frothy head you can use nitrogen and a stout tap to make it pour like a Guinness beer.
  • Nitro Cold Brew is simply pouring your freshly prepared coffee into one of our mini keg systems, injecting a bulb of nitrogen gas and giving it a shake. You can now pour a delicious creamy cold brew whenever you like, no mess, no fuss.
  • It is also amazing for making coffee based cocktails like espresso martini and it can be warmed up for those who want their coffee hot (you can even put the mini keg on the stove or next to the fire to have hot coffee on tap!) There is no danger of oo much pressure as the system has a pressure release valve built in for safety.


No calories from milk of any type but still a creamy texture from the nitrogen foam.


No more making a mess at parties, premake a keg and pour when wanted.


More caffeine than espresso, cold brew can have up to 6x the energy hit of a latte.


Due to it's low acidity cold brew coffee is much kinder to your gut.


Milder than espresso with much less bitterness and acidity

Vegan Friendly!

Have creamy coffee without dairy, soy or any of the nut milks.



"The first time we used it, we loved it. Had a few friends over to share the Espresso Martini experience and it was a hit. No more mess, shakers or multiple trips to the kitchen, make a batch and take it to where the party is. Highly recommended :-) "

Sabrina W.

7 May 2018


 I really thought I would struggle with this as there were no instructions in the box, I was wrong! It’s literally plug and play. Fill er up, screw on the spear, insert the bulb. Give it a shake and wait a few minutes, then you’ve got yourself perfect nitro beverages! I’ve tried it with my cold brew and also espresso martini’s. Both worked out great. I messaged Dave a couple of questions and he replied almost instantly. Excellent customer service. "


24 April 2018


"Surprised people with this on Boxing day - went down a treat! Nothing quite Nitro Cocktails to kick off a day.

Arrived next day after ordering (wow). Easy to put together and test, makes cocktails awesome and shows it off big time! "


2 July 2018


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