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iKegger Mini Keg Package Deals

Below are our 3 most popular products.
  • Mini Keg for Carbonated drinks is for beer, cider, soda, spirits & mixer etc. (compatible with CO2 bulbs / sodastream adapter only)
  • The Nitro Mini Kegs are for coffee, espresso martini, whiskey sours and other shaken uncarbonated drinks. (compatible with N2 / N2O bulbs only)
  • The Premium All-In-One Mini Kegs are for both CO2 and Nitro beverages and come with 2 of each gas bulb in a gift box.

For each purchase of any of the 3 mini keg packages

  • You can get any two of the accessories below for 10% off
  • You must add two items for the discount to be applied
  • They can be two of the same item
  • Added bonus: If the total order is over $249 and only the items on this page are in the cart you get free shipping in Australia.